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Concept Travel sponsors these “around the world” tours, and they are amazing adventures. I was asked to go along to deliver lectures, help guests with their photos, and shoot pictures for an end-of-the-trip show. Nine countries in 22 days with all stops being signature destinations of world travel. What could I say?

Photographers are known for their ability to find things to complain about, and I’m no exception. So I got right down to it on the first destination of the trip: Cusco, Peru. Our group’s bus was trundling down the narrow streets of this ancient Inca capital. It emerged onto the Plaza de Armas, known as Huacaypata (Warrior Square) in Inca times. A stunning sunset was in progress, complete with glorious clouds on the horizon. But I was still on the bus, several blocks away from the hotel where we were to check in. I was champing at the bit, knowing that all the great light would be gone by the time I could get back.

Welcome to the real world of travel photography.

Submitted by Hillary Gilfand / UGC

Glenorchy, New Zealand

We adore all the beautiful travel photos from our readers this week, from lighted towers to mirror-calm waters to Pompeii ruins.

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Travel PhotographySubmitted by Tim Weig / UGC

Shoreline Village lighthouse, Long Beach, Calif.

Submitted by Tim Weig / UGC

Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, Calif.

Submitted by Anna Tymczak Rzemieniuk / UGC

Sunrise at LaDue Reservoir, Ohio

Submitted by Phil Tom / UGC

Mono Lake, Calif.

Submitted by Mark Rogers / UGC

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Submitted by Stephen Porter / UGC

St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

Submitted by Tod Peterson / UGC

Sacred Valley, Peru

Submitted by Lee Morgenstein / UGC

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Submitted by Deborah Miller / UGC

Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Submitted by Arnel Marzan / UGC

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Submitted by Arnel Marzan / UGC


Submitted by BIll Hewitt / UGC

Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Submitted by Tyler Goetz / UGC

Niagara Falls

Submitted by Morgan Franklin / UGC

Pompeii, Italy

Submitted by Frank Childress / UGC

Grand Tetons seen from Jackson, Wyo.

Submitted by Lisa Cavazos / UGC

Venice, Italy

Submitted by Lisa Cavazos / UGC

Lake Königssee in Bavaria, Germany

Submitted by Rich Briggs / UGC

Cars exit Arches National Park, Utah

Submitted by Patti Austin Murray / UGC

Silver Lake, Eastern Sierras, Calif.

The Indian Subcontinent – the name itself of which suggests a plethora of varied experiences in the form of cultures, traditions, geography and biology is the only one of its kind. Without a doubt, no country other than India will ever take such a long time to explore. Here in India, even if you happen to just visit the most famous places in each state (and every state has its own story to tell, so you cannot afford skipping any!), it will take you at least a month or two to tick all the places on your list.Travel Photography

IndiaOnce a civilization that had its expanse from the Hindukush mountains to the Arakan Yoma and now been sliced into a much narrow area after many a political issue, it still holds the charm it was ever so famous for. The gods, the belief, the exoticism, the mysticism, pure grandeur, endless expanse of unadulterated nature and paradoxically enough, even populous bustling cities now dot the geography of this 64 year old nation.
Incredible IndiaIn this feature, The Other Home brings the highlights of India to your homes. Despite each place in India housing a million things to see and do, we bring to you a tight set of images of what you should look forward to if you are planning a trip in and around this beautiful nation. For those who have already had the experience, a little jog down the memory lane will be nothing short of nostalgic!Travel Photography
Let’s take a quick stroll down the Indian landscape..
Jammu & Kashmir
Vaishno DeviDal LakeLadakhAptly called ‘Heaven on Earth,’ Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India. Jammu region is known for its famous Vaishno devi shrine and the 12 kilometer trek. Kashmir on the other hand houses picturesque valleys, beautiful lakes and amazingly captivating landscape. Although a part of Jammu and Kashmir, the Ladakh region has a completely different landscape. It’s a stark contrast to the lush green pastures and apple orchards of Kashmir. Cold deserts and grandly picturesque valleys with very sparse vegetation and terrain so rugged, it’s a biker’s paradise.Travel Photography
Himachal Pradesh
ManaliDharamsalaLahaul SpitiLiterally translating to the land of snow, this place is home to many a pretty hill station which used to be coveted by British rulers before India became independent. A very peaceful state, it is also home to the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala city of its Kangra District. It shares its borders with Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and China. Do not be fooled by the beautiful landscape. It also houses a rough terrain in its districts of Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur Valley.
Home to a warm and welcoming culture, it could easily be the state with the highest contentment factor among its people.
Sultanpur National ParkNH8blackbuckA largely agrarian state, Haryana has in the recent years begun to play host to many a manufacturing unit and factory. Many of India’s leading companies have their head offices in the town of Gurgaon. This state also plays host to the world’s third largest highway toll plaza- with 32 toll booths. Many of India’s sportspeople have their origins here.Travel Photography
Golden TemplePunjab FieldsWagah BorderHome to the magnificient Golden Temple, the mecca of Sikhs and home to the famous mustard and wheat fields that often form the background for many a Bollywood love story, Punjab has always been known for its abundance in natural resources. Be it the wind, the water or the wheat – you won’t find all three of them in such dramatic visuals elsewhere. Not to forget, the famous India-Pakistan Road Border lies in Amritsar in Punjab.
Johari BazarRajasthani FolkJaisalmer fortThe sultry desert blended with the purebred royalty of the state is just breath-taking. The lengthy history of the regal kingdoms coupled with their colourful culture set against the backdrop of an arid mass of sand feels every bit surreal.
Sabarmati AshramGir Forest SanctuarySomnath TempleHome to the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who singlehandedly spearheaded the Indian independence movement and won India its freedom and home to India’s coveted Asiatic lion reserve, Gujarat has many a treat up its sleeve.Travel Photography
Gateway of IndiaSinhagad Fortkanheri cavesThe land of one of India’s most valiant rulers, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the rugged terrain of Sahyadri’s dotted by over 80 forts built in defence, mostly by the Maharashtrian ruler, this state never let the Mughal rulers move forward in the southern expansion efforts. Once a part of the Portuguese’s dowry to the British, India’s financial capital Mumbai is also the capital of this state.
Beaches in GoaDona PaulaWater SportsDotted with pristine beaches and an amazing shack culture which cannot be found elsewhere in India, Goa once known for its hippie settlements used to be a Portuguese colony till the 60s. Enjoy the Old Portuguese charm with its pleasant bohemian touch as you sip chilled beer sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset.
CoorgBrigade RoadGokarna Beach, KarnatakaHome to India’s Silicon Valley and also to one of southern India’s most beautiful pastures on side and a vast expanse of perfect summer beaches, Karnataka is dynamite in a nutshell.
Backwater HouseboatsKatakali TempleThe land of backwaters, jackfruit chips, coffee plantations and most of all, a massive culture of strong faith involving masked story tellers called Kathakalis and processions of temple elephants every evening, Kerala is aptly called ‘God’s own country.’
Tamil Nadu
marina beach chennaiKanyakumariRameshwaramTamil Nadu is the southernmost state of the Indian sub-continent. The 2nd longest beach in the world lies here and so does Rameshwaram, a brilliant temple complex made many centuries ago.
Andhra Pradesh
Vizag BeachBiryani VendorsCharminarThe land of the Nizams, Hyderabadi Biryani, Charminar and exotic culture, Andhra Pradesh is a dry and arid state which you shouldn’t skip!
Madhya Pradesh
Bandhavgarh National ParkThe KhajurahoSanchi StupaThe state that boasts of abundance in royalty, wildlife, rich cultural and historical background, Madhya Pradesh is located right at the heart of India.Travel Photography
Konark Sun TempleChilika LakeOlive Ridley Turtle Breeding GroundHome to Asia’s largest brackish water lake where one can see dolphins and many a migratory bird and also a breeding ground for the endangered olive ridley turtles across its pristine beaches, Odisha (formerly Orissa) is among the lesser explored states in India.
West Bengal
Durga PujaHowrah BridgeSweet ShopOnce a state that encompassed the present day Bangladesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Orissa, West Bengal is the homeland of many an Indian literary genius. The sixth longest cantilever and the busiest bridge of the world, Howrah Bridge connects one end of the Ganges to another in the capital city of Kolkata.
One should visit the state during Durga Puja if you want to be completely bowled over by the colours and culture of this east Indian state.
Jawaharlal Nehru Zoological GardenBokaro Steel CityBetla National ParkThis eleven-year-old state lies to the south of Bihar and is the hometown of the Indian cricket captain M.S.Dhoni.Although it is home to many a good Business school, sanctuaries and tiger reserves, naxal insurgency has led to this state being heavily unexplored by tourists.
Chitrakoot Falls JadgalpurSinghanpur CavesArchaeological Sites in BarsurHome to a diverse culture, although mostly populated by tribals who are in the process of transition into the modern world, Chattisgarh can be an interesting experience.
Bodhgaya templeMadhubani ArtsAncient Remains of Vaishali CityBihar, one of India’s most rural states is also where Bodh Gaya(where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment) and Madhubani, (famous for its ancient fine art form) are located. Any trip to north India near would be incomplete without a trip to Bodh Gaya.
Uttar Pradesh
Taj MahalVaranasiThis state in particular has a lot to offer. Right from being the home-ground to India’s capital city, the magnificent mausoleum we call Taj Mahal to the holy banks of Ganges at Varanasi, this state has all the markings of a perfect tourist destination.
HaridwarValley of FlowersKedarnathThe abodeof most Indian gods and home to few of the holiest sites of pilgrimage to Hindus, Uttarakhand’s landscape cannot be described in words. One has to visit this place to experience serenity.
GangtokRumtek MonasterySikkimThe last princely state to be incorporated into the union of India, Sikkim sits tiny and cute, nestled between West Bengal and Nepal. Although fairly new, this state has become one of the leading tourist attractions of the country in the past few years.
Assam Tea EstatesBhupen HazarikaAssamFamous for the refreshingly tasty tea which is named after this state, Assam is among the ‘7 Sisters’ belt of the Indian subcontinent.
Arunachal Pradesh
Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)Tawangmonastery..Second largest in the world after Lhasa monastery..” src=”” alt=”Tawang monastery..Second largest in the world after Lhasa monastery..” width=”600″ height=”337″ />This vast state stands tall on the topmost point of ‘7 Sisters’ belt. It shares a majority of its national border with China and was also the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama.
Naga Tribal DanceKohima War CemeteryNagaland WeaversHome to many an old tribe and a breath-taking expanse of nature’s bounty, Nagaland’s weaved products are worth collecting. Nowhere else will you find Naga shawls and traditional handicrafts being made!
Manipuri DanceImphalSitting on the easternmost point of India, Manipur is a landlocked state. Their traditional dance is a subject of interest to many a culture enthusiasts as they narrate stories of Lord Krishna in their local style – something that isn’t very common in the north-eastern states.
cheraw danceAizawl Cityreiek tlangOften touted as the Scotland of the east, Mizoram has many a handicraft option to offer. The lack of many amenities have made visiting this place slightly tougher than the other places, but a visit to North East will not be complete without a road trip to Mizoram
Tripura Sepahijala Wildlife SanctuaryDebtamuraNeer mahalHome to 19 indigenous tribal sects, Tripura is a tiny north-eastern state with vast cultural wealth. Wedged between Bangaldesh and north-east India, Tripura is packed with many treasures, be it abundance of nature or history.
Khasi TribeBob Dylan house - ShillongNohsngithiang Falls at Cherrapunji Meghalaya is a tiny state in the North East which is landlocked by Assam on north, Nagaland to the east, Tripura to the south and Bangladesh to the west. Mainly divided into Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills regions, Meghalaya is very famous for a superb music scene.
The Union Territories of India do not come under any state. They are governed directly by the central government and the laws here are slightly different.
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Cellular JailJarawa GirlsArial view of AndamanAndaman & Nicobar are a set of islands that lie to the east of the Indian mainland’s southernmost tip. Famous for being the home of the endangered Jarawa tribe and land of the infamous Cellular Jail, these islands are actually the peaks of the submerged mountains of the Arakan Yoma range.
Arial view of LakshadweepCoral ReefScuba DivingLakshadweep, literally translating to one lakh islands is a group of islands that lie to the east of the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland. These coral-based islands are picturesque in every way possible and a trip to India would be incomplete without a trip to this cluster of islands.
Rock GardenChandigarh MarketThe capital of two major Indian states, Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is un-arguably the country’s most planned city. Planned by a French architect and designed in a fashion that allows every resident to get a view of the snow-clad mountains that lie farther in the background, this city is a delight to live in. No buildings are taller than 2 floors and no roads are named after people, giving this place a very practical look. Dotted with cycle lanes, manicured trees running alongside the roads, this is one pretty city!
Rashtrapati BhavanSarojini Nagar MarketIndia GateThe capital of the nation, this city was erected to house the leader of the country. Home ground of a heavy shopping culture and many monumental remain of the illustrious Mughal past, this city is worth spending a few days in!
French BuildingsPondicherry BeachesAurovilleThis French colony turned Indian Territory is one colourful little place. The French influence can still be seen everywhere on the streets as you walk (make it a point to walk around town once and theres nothing on the planet you will like more!) around this beach riddled town.
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Dadra and Nagar HaveliVanganga LakeOriginally traded by the Maratha’s to the Portuguese in exchange for keeping the British from invading the coast, these two towns of Dadra and Nagar Haveli are now union territories located between Maharashtra and Gujarat. The exceptional blend of Portuguese and Maharashtrian art can be easily spotted by anyone visiting this place. Key attractions are Bindrabin Temple, Vanganga Lake Garden and Hirwa Van Garden.
Daman and Diu
Moti Daman FortDaman BeachesAmong the few territories that the Portuguese had their controls were the two towns of Daman and Diu. Located just outside Gujarat, they are famous for their pristine beaches and Portuguese style architecture.