Top Five Travel Destinations in India


India is not a country which needs any introduction, about her uniqueness. India carries her own beauty and charm in diversity.  If we talk about people then a number of religions are living here in unity. For every religion India is their country. Different languages are practiced but hence no conflict on the regionalism or language priority, in brief, “all are one”. This uniqueness is only shown in India only. And who ever comes here becomes a fan of the colors of India. And for these reasons India is a compulsory destination for tourism. If we talk about the travel destinations then a number of choices are there as each state of here has its own history and unique features.  Lets’ have a look on the destination of India.

Jammu & Kashmir

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in India

Jammu & Kashmir lies in the extreme north of the country. The place is famous for its mountain ranges and the valleys. Srinagar is the capital of the region and the transport of here is easily available from Delhi and Punjab. The two-third region is covered by Laddakh, a mountain desert region where mainly Buddhists populations persists. The region shares the borders of Pakistan and Tibet. The mountains, valleys and lakes are the centre of the attraction. The Dal lake is the beating heart of the region. And the housing boats are the key attraction of the lake. In local language these decorative house boats are called “Shikaras”. Kashmir is considered as the heaven on earth, so from this we can easily frame about its beauty. So people coming from abroad, Kashmir would be their top choices.
Agra- Uttar Pradesh

When we move down from Himachal, comes the capital of the country Delhi and beside it the Agra in Uttar Pradesh. And Agra doesn’t need any further introduction as the Wonder of the Earth, the Taj Mahal lies here only. Someone visiting India and he leaves this place is not at all possible. It was made by the Mughal king Shah Jahan, and the 840 feet entirely made by white marble is just an awesome place to visit. After this comes the Red Fort. It is one of the oldest monuments of the world. It was also made by Shah Jahan and is considered as the residence of the Mughal dynasty. The entire monument was made by red sand stone. And it covers a vast area and it situated on the bank of River Yamuna and only 2.5 kms away from Taj Mahal. The visit of India will be incomplete without coming here.


Rajasthan is the brightest part of the country. The colors of here are the key feature to visit. The capital of the state Jaipur is known as the “Pink City”. The monuments of Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranthambor are the most famous spots to visit. They are made up of pink sand stones and were built by the Rajput king. The entire states prevail the royal past and the region was mainly under the Marwar kings. Each and every monument here is its own history. Every monument here was made for a reason and the forts are made to defend the enemies whoever wanted to conquer the region. The eastern region is the desert region the “Thar Desert”. It is also a place where the visit becomes compulsory. In  a whole the native art, stone jewelleries, the exceptional dances are the key features of the region.


The next destination is Goa near to the economic capital of the country Mumbai. It is located in the western India known as Konkan and having the Arabian Sea beaches.  It is the place where the Vasco da Gama first landed and the most popular town is named after him only. It is having a Portuguese population because it as the Portuguese colony up to 1961.It is very famous destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Goa is popular for the fascinating sea beaches. There are also places of worship, some of the old day churches, monuments and so on. Goa is the ultimate spot for the fun lovers. The beach clubs and lounges are easily available. It is having a totally different flavor from the other cities of India. Panaji is the capital of Goa.

Kerala is the ultimate destination for the nature lovers. It is popularly known as green city for its eco-friendly environment. It lies on the tropical Malabar Coast and famous for its ecotourism initiatives. Kerala attracts both domestic and foreign visitors. The sea beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries. The green beauty of the place is the most unique feature. There are many few places in the world which is having so pure environment. The regional foods are also very unique. It is regarded as one of the ten paradises on earth. There are some unique kinds of boats which are only seen in the backwaters and lakes of the region, which is not common in other places in the world. So if anyone plans a vacation in India then it is not complete without the visit of Kerala. 


So from here one can make an easy idea about the uniqueness of each of these places. The words will not be enough for describing everything about India unless and until one takes a visit.