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Top 7 Tourist Destinations in Latvia

For us holiday In Europe means a visit to France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Are not they quite common? You know there is a part of Europe , not much explored. They are not less from any popular tourist destination of European continent. The Baltic States is the name. Three Nations, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia together makes the Baltic States and serves you the best of travel experience. Start journey Latvia, having many attractions like pristine beaches and dense forests, for tourists. Here is the list of places to visit in Latvia.

Top 7 Tourist Destinations in Latvia

  1. Riga

The capital city of Latvia and the largest city, Riga is the place of ancient history and modernity. Walking down into the streets you will get amazed to see the architecture of Gothic Cathedrals and the Nouveau art. Being the most exciting metropolis city Riga has many cafes and pubs, attracting party lovers. You must try the delicious cuisine too.

2. Rundale Palace

Visit Rundale Palace will take you back to the era of wonders. You can witness here the splendid work of two popular art forms- Baroque and Rococo. The interior of this palace is a beauty in itself. There is a museum inside the Palace. It exhibits the fine arts and historical expositions. Outside, there is a rose garden, quite soothing and visual delight.

3. Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park is the largest and the oldest one in Latvia. It is home to the rich variety of flora and fauna. This vast spread Park encompasses different landforms, natural water springs, and serene beauty. The sunrise view is a panoramic beauty. It is an ideal destination for adventure lovers. This place offers many activities like bungee jumping, hiking, boating, cycling, and skiing.

4. Kuldiga

Possessing the best of the Baroque art form and natural landscape beauty, Kuldiga is a pride of Latvia. Walking down the cobbled streets and the timber house lining it will surprise you with its architectural mastery. Apart from historical architecture, visit Venta River to witness the picturesque beauty. Look down of this river, the first thing out of excitement you will say ‘Oh My God’.

5. Cesis

At Cesis you will get the mixture of medieval and modern culture. Wandering at St. John’s Church and the Old Town you will experience the culture of back eras. There are shops and cafes for your refreshment. Exploring more, visit Cesis Medieval Castle. Here you will get mix of natural beauty and history. Inside you can see traditional jewelry and other historical things in the exhibition.

6. Liepaja

Liepaja is a place to enjoy the sea beauty. This place offers many attractions. You can take a trip through Liepaja on a Single line tram. It is the first in the Baltic States. The Bernati beach will wet you in its charm.

7. Ventspils

The city of the sea, Ventspils is a reward to your tour to Latvia. It has attractions for all age group. You can enjoy watching sculptures on streets. For kids, there is a fun park. To relax, lay down on the Blue Flag Beach.

With many things and places to explore, you can put Latvia on your holiday bucket list.


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