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Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is not only meant for robots and bullet trains. Also, Here you can find a bundle of tourist attractions too. Tokyo is a mix of ultra-modern skyscrapers with traditional and historical temples. That sounds amazing to witness both the sides Japan’s culture. This mix culture itself is a beauty.

7 best places that are impossible to miss while visit to Tokyo

  1. Tokyo Skytree– It is impossible to miss the landmark of Tokyo i.e. The Tokyo Skytree. Standing tall since May 2012, it has become a major tourist attraction. It is actually a 2000 ft, free standing broadcast tower over the city’s skyline. There are two top view platforms. You can reach there by taking elevators. You will need to buy tickets. Same day tickets are available. It is always recommended to arrive early to buy tickets or go for an advance reservation. On its ground, you can explore the market area, restaurants, and cherry tree line.
  1. Nezu Museum- Not so far from a busy and rush of retail market Omotesando, opposite to expectation the Nezu Museum is calm and peaceful. Also, The famous architect Kengo Kuma is the designer of this place. The walls are made of bamboo with pebble walkways and expanses of glass. The showcased exhibitions are the items that are 7000 strong collections of pre-modern Asian arts. These arts include calligraphy, bamboo crafts, textiles, paintings and tea ceremony tools. The collection was done by late industrialist Kaichiro Nezu. If you feel exhausted, sit in the lush green and beautiful tree-lined garden. Adding to the beauty there are moss-covered statues and ponds. You might feel hungry too. There is a small cafeteria in the garden.
  1. Himiko and Hotaluna Boats– These two Boats or you can say the cruise is the most famous water buses of Tokyo. The design is so beautiful in their streamlined forms, with curved line glass windows. The hi-tech lighting system makes them glow exceptionally. The credit of their beauty goes to Leiji Matsumoto, Japan’s famous “manga” comic artist. The guests swim through them around eastern stretches of Sumida River and Tokyo Bay. Meanwhile, you will witness other beautiful sights like Sumida river’s famous cherry blossoms, Tokyo Skytree, and oldest temples. Finally, you reach the destination point i.e Odaiba Seaside Park.
  1. Odeo Onsen Monogatari – If you are in a mood to relax, slip into the hot spring, ‘onsen’ (in Japanese) bath. The steaming water will open your pores and make you relax. In the Odaiba area of Tokyo, the Odeo Onsen Monogatari is a popular hot- spring inside the city. It is inspired by the Edo-era i.e. from 17th to 19th century of Japan. It looks like an old school theme park. The stage set like wooden buildings and lantern. Before entering the complex, visitors are provided with Japan’s kimono style outfit, ‘yukata’. Inside you will have 13 different types of baths, separate for male and female. Apart from this, take massage treatments, do toy shoppings and watch live performances. If feeling hungry go to food stands.
  1. Kamakura – Want to explore Japan by the sea side, visit Kamakura. This is the ancient capital of Japan. To reach this place it will take one hour by train, from Tokyo. This place is full creativity. Things that attract tourists are the lush green mountains, ancient temples, giant Buddha statue at Kotokuin Temple and the beaches. To enjoy everything, hire a bicycle that you can get on rent outside Kamakura station.  In food, you must try the special organic food.
  1. Meiji Jingu – As we talked earlier about the mix culture, city’s most peaceful shrine is hardly far from the modern crowd of Harajuku. It has wide path line in the thick and green forests. That goes ahead into a classical Shinto Shrine. Remember, while visiting this place wear comfortable shoes. The path is long and layered with gravels. This shrine is devoted to late Emperor Meiji and his wife. You can even see the silent wedding ceremony led by white kimono of a Shinto bride.
  1. Sensoji – To explore Tokyo’s past you can visit city’s oldest Buddhist temple, Sensoji. Situated in the former pleasure playground of Asakusa, earlier it was a major geisha area. At the entrance, there is a dramatic red lantern, called Thunder God Gate. A colorful market with Japanese crafts and sweets goes side by side to the way towards spiraling pagodas and altars. After reaching here, to read fortunes, visitors burn incense, clap and ring the bells. Do not go without wandering around Asakusa. This place in neighbor has winding lanes, old tea shops, and traditional kimono stores. There a street, Kappabashi Dori, here the kitchenware stores are the highlight.

Being in Tokyo do not miss a single chance to visit any of these places. Each of them is different, happening and beautiful in their own way.

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