Top 7 Beautiful Kerala Rivers


There are 44 rivers in Kerala mostly beginning in the European Ghats as rivulets, later signed up with by tributaries to become huge rivers and streaming westwards finishing up in the Arabian Sea or in the popular backwaters of Kerala.

Some of these are excellent rivers with the name, but quite a lot are big sources or river-turned-into flow because of risky utilization. Still, this river-tributary -distributary system is distribute over most of the Condition bestowing the dearest vegetation on Kerala and provides as indicates of watering, waterways and hydroelectric energy creation. Being rain-fed many of them unfortunately reduce into rivulets or simple riverbeds during the hot year.

Periyar River

Periyar River

With a duration of 244 kms, this “Big River” is the lengthiest and provides as the lifestyle line for Keralites providing valuable normal h2o to the cities of the area. It comes from the Sivagiri Mountains and moves through the Periyar Nationwide Recreation area into the Periyar Pond. The Mullayar is a huge tributary which connects Periyar before it goes into the Resource. This place is one of unmodified jungles. Mullaperiyar Dam much in the information is designed at the confluence of the two.

One of the tributaries is instructed to Tamil Nadu as part of an contract. Downstream the flow moves 35 km Northern Western and connects the Idukki tank. The Idukki Dam hydro-power place along this flow is the biggest provider of power to the Condition of Kerala. In summer year the stage at Idukki tank is a big issue for the Electricity Panel. There are other energy tasks also on the flow, but not of such scale.

At Aluva the flow bifurcates, one division moves into the sea and the other into the Kochi backwaters. Sivarathri is recognized grandly on the Aluva beaches.



Puzha indicates flow, it is the flow of Bharat – Indian local. Also known as Nila, the flow begins in the Anaimalai Mountains. She pushes through Palakkad Successfully pass and moves westwards advantage Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram regions before becoming a member of the sea at Ponnani. This flow is the lifestyle line for many towns and cities. Most of it is not navigable. During summer year it almost becomes dry and non-existent.

It is no wonder as there are 11 tanks along its course. Malampuzha dam is the largest; it is a position that attracts many visitors, to invest a day or stay for a short time. All the public works are for watering, so one can think about what an excellent present this flow is! A new Regulator cum link has come up for the double objective of provide of normal h2o as well as reducing range between Thrissur and Kozhikode. The shutter has triggered numerous h2o to collect; the types of seafood almost vanished have come back, exclusively the Vaala the master of h2o fish.

River Nila has motivated many a poet some popular brands among them. Kerala Kala Mandalam for training in Indian local executing artistry is on the lender of the flow, so is the homeland of Kunjan Nambiar the most well known satirist poet and the creator of comical Ottamthullal.

There are some popular wats or temples on its financial institutions. The events to pay respect to ones forefathers are done at Thirunavaya near Navamukunda forehead on the lender of the flow. The position has historical significance too, as an organized battle between the fighters of Zamorin of Kozhikode and Raja Of Valluvanad used to take position here once in 12 years. The battle would end only when all the associates of one team die. It was initially a business reasonable, but became a location for fracas for saying privileges of the specific kings. Due to avaricious sand exploration, the flow is gradually passing away.

Pampa River


Pampa known as Dakshina Ganga is regarded sacred by Hindus, but even that denomination has not been successful in maintaining it fresh. This 3rd lengthiest flow comes from the cool Pulachimala Mountain 1650m above sea stage in Peermedu level and moves through a lot of booming places such as Ranni, Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta and so on. It pipes into the Great Vembanad Pond. Ten tributaries combine with Pampa during her course. The flow plays a role in the farming prosperity of Kuttanad, the ricebowl of Kerala.

The shrine of Sabarimala of Master Shastha (Ayyappan) which attracts an incredible number of pilgrims appears on its hilly financial institution. A shower in Pampa is a must before “darshan” of the Master. Mnay consider it similar to a dip in The Ganga.

Manimala River


Originating from the Muthavara hills in the European Ghats at 2500ft, this flow moves through Kottayam and Pathanamthitta, connects the Pumba near Thiruvalla. It also finishes up in the Vembanad Pond. The flow sink is to northern Pampa flow sink.

At the confluence of both rivers was an historical slot Niranam. Manimala River has been an important river of main Travancore. It moves through the midland flatlands providing the valuable present of h2o to the inhabitants.

Chalakudy River


Strictly discussing it maybe a tributary of Periyar but its significance gives it a special individual lifestyle. via Anamalai hills, It moves through Palakkad, Thrissur and Ernakulam regions in the course of 145.5 km. The riparian jungles and the high variety of seafood in the flow creates this flow exclusive. The riparian vegetation includes an place of 58.5 hectares. More than 300 types of blooming vegetation, some of them unusual, contributes to the scenic elegance.

Diversity of seafood in this flow could be the biggest in Indian local. There are nearly 100 types of h2o seafood. A lot of them are decorative used in tanks. The amazingly wonderful Athirappilly falls is on this flow. It is a identify of vacationer fascination. There are 2 Hydro-electrical Projects based here. The Parambikulam Dam for watering reasons is designed on its tributary.

Kabini River

Kuruva islands On Kabini River

Kabini is a local of Wayanad, established by the confluence of Panamaram and Mananthavady rivers in Wayanad. Further Kabini moves eastward to be a part of the Kaveri River and pipes into the Bay of Bengal. One division of the Panamaram flow begins from Banasura Sagar tank and the other from Lakkidi hills.

Two miles from the confluence, Kabini types the Kuruva Isle a pretty big one with different vegetation and creatures. Kuruva Isle is a awesome identify to invest a day. Within another 20 km the flow gets to the Kabini Resrvoir surrounding Kerala and Karnataka. Before that Kalindi flow in which the rivulet Papanashini near Tirunelly forehead has combined, connects Kabani.

The backwaters of the Kabini tank recedes in summer year developing grassy mdw. Then it becomes a bother of crazy lifestyle, exclusively monsters. The huge lake, natural scenery and the crazy lifestyle creates the position very eye-catching.

 Chandragiri River

Chandragiri River

She comes to a summary, I mean the flow finishes up in Kasargod area of Kerala and pipes into the Arabian Sea. It is a fantastic perspective to see this flow becoming a member of the sea as it is a huge huge of h2o. The Seventeenth millennium Chandragiri citadel appears on her financial institutions. Her source is in Kodagu area of Karnataka Condition. On her way the flow becomes the significant source for household and farming needs in Sullia Taluk. The flow has also another name Payaswini.

Kerala is crisscrossed by many more rivers and ponds. It is indeed a position to rest and relish the natural characteristics at its nearest. Wish you will take time to check out one of the above described rivers when you Travel to Kerala!