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Top 5 Resorts in Goa

Goa means gorgeous beaches. Vacation to this place gives a feeling of paradise. Visit there with friends, family or your partner, it offers a variety of entertainment and enjoyment for all. Goa is divided into two parts, North Goa and South Goa. Both of them have their own charm. If we talk about luxurious life, South Goa get more points.  Here you have a list of resorts for luxurious stays in Goa.

Top 5 Luxurious Resorts of Goa

  1. Kenilworth Resort –

    This popular resort of South Goa provides you the most romantic and luxurious stay. The aura is perfect around both the exterior and interior side of the resort. For fun, you can have water sports. The time when you need to relax, come to the exclusive spa. Relax for an hour with soul refreshing spa.

  2. Alila Diwa –

    Pulling aside the curtains in morning and you see an amazing view of large and wide paddy plantation and garden. Beautiful, right? Your morning with such view can make you feel fresh. This is what you get at Alila Diwa resort. The whole architecture of this place is in traditional Goan style. In luxury, you get an outdoor pool, a relaxing hot tub, and suites.

  3. The Leela-

    It is worth mentioning that at The Leela has their own, private beach, lagoons of pure waters with dense wood all around. Watching all these things together can enthrall you. Wait, the list is not over. You will be served, delicious cuisines in the restaurants. A huge swimming pool, a golf course, tennis court is there for you to relax and enjoy. Adding to the lavishness, there are suits that consist private pools.

  4. The Zuri White Sand Resort-

    Want to stay right on the beach with lavish facilities, the Zuri Whit Sand resort is perfect for you. The waves and its sound can fill you with joy. These all look marvelous and appealing. This resort has brilliant ambiance. Goa is famous for one more thing, i.e. Casino. At this resort you can enjoy the games in casino.

  5. Beleza-

    The beautiful Beleza resort is situated at Colva’s white sand beach. The beauty of this resort lies in the lush green surroundings with amazing view of paddy farm fields from lavish suites. The Resort is actually a big, incomparable Villa . Enjoy the best food and service from hospitality staffs here. This place offers so much to get indulge in.

If you are landing to Goa, book rooms in one of these resorts to enjoy the lavishness in pure Goa style.

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