Top 20 destinations in india where you can Travel alone


What are the benefits of travelling solo ?

When you are associated with the varied characteristics, brilliant lifestyle and wealthy culture you don’t always need to have someone else with you. The expecting hill air and undulating landscape, mountains of the wasteland, peaceful beach, modern lifestyle,  combination of dancing and songs, mouthful delicacies, misconceptions behind wats or temples and lifestyle behind traditional mansions and palaces… everything has got something to tell you. Chances are great to miss the best of travelling when you are in a team. Often you are in a rumors mood when you are travelling close relatives members members and there something goes out of your sight… that may be the glance of a snow dressed optimum at beginning OR the mast of a ship at the skyline from the coast. But when you journey solo you get a better probability to focus and capture the unusual to the finest attractions and get a unusual collection of moments. Traveling solo exempts you from various obstacles… usually those that occur when you are travelling with your buddies and close relatives. You see taste matters. You actually want to go for the Bhrigu Pond journey (take for example) on your four times journey to Manali but your LAZY FRIEND tells you, “Boss… I came here to relax. We can go for shopping nowadays, regional sightseeing the next day and may be Solang Area day after the next day.” So, travelling alone is a much better choice than travelling in a team. Moreover, when we are travelling alone we also get to be able to discover ourselves… know what we actually are.

How much popular is solo travelling in India?

Well… I can’t give you an accurate figure on single tourists discovering India from the Himalayan area to beach but this much I’m sure that you will come across 10 solo tourists out of 100. Worldwide tourists are much more stirred towards it… although nowadays domestic (Indian) tourists are also being eager. On the other hand, travelling alone in India is tough and it’s challenging. Sometimes it can wash you up if you are not aware about individuals, trip and lifestyle of India. But if you are intelligent enough to adjust to the varied lifestyle – religious beliefs, individuals, languages and meals – you are surely going go along with the traveler in you. From my own experience, travelling in India alone is amazing, magical, perfectly complicated, and jaw dropping. The popularity of solo travelling in India has led to the growth of several outdoor camping trips in India; these outdoor camping trips include climbing in the Indian Himalayan area, Ayurvedic & Spa massageand yoga exercises & relaxation getaway, social trips and experience trips. Worldwide tourists, who are visiting India for the first time and travelling alone, are recommended to stay happy and sharp while on the street and look for an authorized and experienced traveler guide.

Top 20 destinations in India where you can Travel alone



Wrapped in nature… massive mountains peeking behind lavish organic mountains, Manali at an level of 2,050 metres has always been regarded as one of the well-known hill stations in india for hikers. The great hill place nestled in the Himachal Himalayan area is an ideal getaway for single tourists looking for a holiday to get back their mood after a heartrending lifestyle OR an simple and refreshing escape from the clamour of a city. The hill place provides amazing views of the Kullu Area and the farfetched Pir Panjal Range. Further, tourists looking for for some experience activities have options like Stream River rafting in Beas Stream, paragliding in Solang Area and snowboarding during the winter year season at the mountains of Rohtang Successfully pass and Solang Area. Moreover, the Beas Kund Trek and Bhrigu Pond Trek are two short and simple hikes that commence from Manali AND Malana Area Trek, which is one of the downhill hikes in Himachal Pradesh… are some excellent choices for solo tourists heading for a climbing trip in the india Himalayan place.


At an level ranging from 2,500 metres to 3,000 metres in the Baspa Area of Kinnaur Region of Himachal Pradesh, Sangla is one of the off the beaten track towns where relaxed atmosphere is maintained within wooded mountains and great mountains. A solo traveler if looking for for a relaxing crack far away from the madding tourist rush…Sangla is a appealing holiday. However, your times in the center of apple orchards, apricot, Wall-nut, Forest trees and shrubs, and glacial sources AND unique lifestyle of the Kinnauri individuals will basically take you through a classic journey and familiarize you with your disguised characteristics. Some other remote towns encompassing Sangla are Chitkul, Rakcham, Batseri, Themgarang, Kamru, and Sapni, which are readily accessible by street OR one can even go for a trip.


Rated as one of the best Ski spot on the globe, Gulmarg in Kashmir area at an level of 2,690 metres is a heartland for several hikers from all over the globe. During the optimum experience year (winter) even a traveler travelling alone will be associated with several likeminded individuals. Further, actions like climbing, climbing and playing golf on a enjoyment journey provides solo tourists tremendous pleasure during summer time season months.


Now if the single traveler is looking for an experience and wants to engage in some intense actions like bike riding and thin air hikes, Leh in Ladakh area at an level of 3,500 metres is a intelligent choose. With the organic Indo- Tibetan lifestyle and variety of traditional monasteries … Leh springs up as a popular tourist place that draws both the leisurescapers and outdoorsmen. The Pangong Pond, which is an ideal location for climbing, is approximately a 6 time drive from Leh and draws lots of hikers who are traveling the ladakh area. Motor bike riding in Leh—Ladakh area that passes over the Khardung La at 5,360 metres is one of the most amazing actions performed by solo tourists. Further, Leh being the base of several hikes in the Ladakh area – namely Markha valley journey, Tsomoriri Pond Trek and Lamayuru to Darcha Trek –  is packed with several climbing trips for single tourists.


One of the most well-known destinations in indian, Rishikesh is situated on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan area. Best known for river river-rafting in the Ganges, Rishikesh is an ideal hub for hikers that also gives an chance of a yoga exercises and relaxation vacation as well as Spa & Ayurvedic. Some other significant experience actions for solo tourists are high cliff scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, rappelling and climbing.


Another well-known snowboarding location in india, Auli that is set at an level of 3,049 metres in the Garhwal Himalayan area is also an ideal vacation for solo tourists. Providing a pleasing environment during summer time season for climbing and climbing and tricky wintry mountains during the winter year season for snowboarding, Auli remains a excellent choose for both enjoyment and experience looking for single tourists.


Located in the center of a wide ecosphere in the Sikkim Himalayan area, Gangtok at a size of 1,600 metres is another well-known hill place in Native indian that draws large amount of single tourists from all over the globe. The great city is significant for hosting several Buddhist monasteries and the unique lifestyle of the Nepali, Lepchas and Bhutia. With the development of Sikkim travel and leisure, Gangtok has appeared as a hill city that draws hippies. The winding roads arrays a lot of multi delicacies restaurants, bars and lounges and thus the hill place may not be tedious for tourists travelling alone. Also destinations like Changu Pond at an level of 3,780 metres and Nathu La at 4,310 meters… climbing possibilities like the Green Pond journey and Goecha La Trek basically stimulate the single tourists to participate in a team.


Tucked at an level of 3,048 metres in the North-Eastern Himalayan area in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is yet another least researched place in the india Himalayan area. Today the substantial hill city is a heartland for several back green bay packers and solo tourists as it provides an fresh characteristics with snowcapped mountains, sources and ponds and allows several climbing and climbing possibilities. The Tawang Monastery, which is the biggest monastery in Indian, is another significant fascination. Further, the Sela Successfully pass,  Sela Pond and the unique lifestyle of the Monpa individuals are the popular destinations that bumps the brain of walkers.


Although Majuli in Assam is the biggest river isle on the globe, but I wonder how many of you have thought about discovering it. In the Brahmaputra River, Majuli provides an extensive wetland that homes unusual and vulnerable avifauna varieties such as migratory birds that arrive during the cold months year. A single traveler who wants to crack through a unique non-urban atmosphere and biodiversity… Majuli will be one of the best recommendations then. The isle is populated by the Mising, Deori and Sonowal Kacharis communities and thus the organic lifestyle of the tribe individuals is yet another fascination.


It’s all about to search for the tribe tradition. Yup!!! A single traveler who is visiting Shillong will truly appreciate the organic lifestyle of the communities residing in the center of wide organic variety. Shillong, which is located at a size of 1,525 metres on the East Khasi Hills in the Northern Southern India state of Meghalaya, is a well-known hill place in India that features several sightseeing possibilities such as mountains, falls, organic caverns, ponds and museums. For a single traveler who is having a throwing amazing nature… have the choice to go for spelunking as Shillong has several researched and fresh caverns.


Far-famed as one of the best honeymoon holiday destinations in India for the relaxed atmosphere maintained amongst the moving sand mountains of the Thar Desert… Jaisalmer can also be a fascinating destination for a solo traveler. Other than discovering the citadel city and remains of Kuldhara village… climbing and camel opera in the SAM Dunes are the significant actions. Further, visiting Jaisalmer during the Jaisalmer Desert Event, which is usually held in Feb, allows you to take the social aspects of the individuals.


Babes in Brazilian bikinis, herd of hippies, boogieing sea coast, state of hypnosis dancing and songs, talk parties, shower of unique drinks, Casinos and mouthful cuisine… just tell me, how can be Goa a dullness even for a traveler travelling alone? Moreover, a variety of beach actions such as surfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, show up boarding, scuba diving, water-skiing, wine-tastings, wine-tastings and deep sea fishing keeps a solo traveler busy. However, one who is looking for for a relaxing vacation in Goa… the location is filled with several fresh and private seashores and Spa & Ayurvedic hotels where one can spend ideal relaxing time.


Camping in the center of the wide superficial wetland of  Kutch in Gujarat, which is house to several vulnerable animal varieties, has become one of the favorite  actions for hikers. Further, if you are travelling during the Rann Utsav… you have an probability to search for the regional lifestyle of the individuals of Kutch. Kutch also homes several wild animals supplies, traditional and Jain pilgrimage sites.


Displaying the wonderful taste of French community, Pondicherry is one of the best enjoyment holiday trips in india for single tourists. With a variety of relaxing beach locations and traditional chapels and wats or temples, Pondicherry is far popular as a Yoga and Meditation holiday place in India.


Conserving the fantastic era of the Mughal Kingdom and wealthy customs over the hundreds of years, nowadays Agra is one of the well-known international tourist place in india. It is house to one of the amazing things around the globe and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Taj Mahal, and also homes several other traditional sites like the Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Grave, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s Grave, Jama Masjid, Moti Masjid, Sikandra Fort and many more. For a solo traveler… travelling in Agra is hence like returning to and catching the ancient era significantly.


Yet another honeymoon holiday destinations in India that is situated in Kerala, Alleppey whizzes the brain of hikers looking for a calm and enjoyable vacation in Indian. The attractive pathways, backwaters, seashores, and lagoons… backwater cruise in the Kettuvallam, wealthy lifestyle of the individuals that includes dancing, songs, celebrations and meals,  pilgrimage and several hotels that provides varieties of Spa and Ayurvedic treatments make Alleppey one of the unique destinations in India for alone tourists.


Evolved as one of the eco-tourist destinations in India, Coorg is well known for its coffee farms and Kodagu lifestyle. For a single traveler, a holiday in Coorg is as relaxing and wonderful as it is for a honeymoon vacation couple. Perched in the European Ghats… some of the significant sightseeing possibilities in Coorg are Talakaveri, Bhagamandala, Nisargadhama, Abbey Drops, Dubare, Nagarahole National Park, Iruppu Drops, and the Tibetan Buddhist Golden Forehead.


For a alone traveler looking for a increase in the Western Ghats in the center of a wealthy bed of plants and creatures, Munnar in Kerala at an level of 1,700 metres is the best vacation. Munnar is noted for housing several confronted and native to the island varieties and thus the place draws in several wildlife enthusiast and characteristics fans.

Aamby Valley

Now that’s something different you are going to engage in when you are travelling alone in India… and that is Skydiving, which is one of the sport activities in India. Aamby Valley in Maharashtra is one of the locations where you can go for Skydiving in India.


Guys… How can I skip Mumbai? The liveliest, craziest and most popular city in India that is also known as as “the city that never sleeps”… Mumbai symbolizes the whole of India. Along with the charm of Bollywood chics to the clamour of the Stock Exchange, the city also homes several culture sites, pilgrimage, beach locations and nightclubs. The bottom-line is that you will never feel alone or bored in this city!