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Top 10 Indian Foodie Destination

We usually travel for peace of mind, enjoyment and family togetherness. Have you ever thought of traveling for your taste bud? Think how wonderful it would be traveling from a place to another place just for tasting unique cuisines. Well if you are also a foodie, here is the list to begin your journey. Know which places in India you must visit for their unique dishes. Make a check list for what to eat while traveling to India’s 10 Best Foodie Destination.

Top 10 Indian Foodie Destination-

1. Delhi –

It is best foodie destination. The capital city of our country serves you the best North-Indian food. Walk through the lanes of Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk market. Here you will get quite old yet famous eateries. The paranthe wali gali has a large variety of paranthas. You can try any of them. If you are non-vegetarian have butter chicken on your plate at Moti Mahal giving service since a long time. Wait, the desert is left. Jalebis and halwas made in pure ghee taste awesome.

2. Amritsar-

If you are in Amritsar then be ready for putting extra kilos to your weight. However, you cannot even ignore it. The foods are rich in taste and grease as well.  Have aloo ka paranthe in breakfast with lots of butter over it. Don’t worry about the weight, that you can lose later. Being in Amritsar you cannot leave without eating these dishes. Even kulchas, moong dal ladoo, lassi are not escapable.

3. Goa –

With beautiful beaches, you can enjoy amazing sea foods. You can have prawn curry, crab fries, seafood platter and much more on your plate. The panoramic view with the music of waves crushing sea shores, add taste to the food. For vintage dishes, you can go to Goan village culinary.

4. Kolkata-

We all know Bengalis are famous for fish. However, it is not about only fish. Bengalis are the expert of making a variety of dishes from ‘maach’ i.e. fish. You can have mouthwatering fish curries here, especially the Hilsa fish cooked in the mustard sauce. Bengalis love sweet dishes too. Well not sweet fish curry, they love large size, Roso Gulla. Dipped in sugar syrup these roso gullas tastes yummy. Next is the curd or in Hindi ‘dahi’. We eat simple dahi adding sugar or salt and Bengalis eat Misti doi. It is actually sweet curd . Served in clay pot cups, the taste of Misti doi get enhance. When you visit Kolkata eat misti doi served in clay pot cup. You will know the difference.

5. Lucknow-

The city of Nawabs is famous for kebabs. Lucknow is the best place to taste Mughlai and Awadhi food , so it is best foodie destination. The aroma and fragrance of Lucknow’s special biriyani can make you eat even if you are full.

6. Hyderabad-

After talking about Nawabs let’s move to the city of Nizams. If done with Mughlai food try the world famous Hyderabadi biriyani. Lucknowi biriyani has aroma in it and Hyderabadi biriyani has natural spicy flavor igniting your taste buds. Apart from biriyani try haleem and seekh kebab. During Ramadan Hyderabad offers the best food in the country.

7. Mumbai-

Indian street food is always best and favorite for all. Mumbai is the place that serves the best street food. Starting from best vada pavs, panipuri, bhelpuri , and  dahipuri  are the street foods that you must have while staying in Mumbai.

8. Kerala-

Kerala is famous for spices. You can get its flavor in variety of dishes. South Indian kitchens are so perfect with the use of various spices in a single dish. Onam festival is the best time to taste traditional dishes with natural spices as essential ingredients.

9. Shillong-

The North-Eastern people don’t use much spices and oil in food. However, the taste is not less than any other region’s food. You can get the real taste of momos here only.

10. Jaipur –

It is one of the best foodie destination in India. It is Traveling as a foodie you cannot keep aside the plan to visit Jaipur. To have the Rajasthani rich spicy flavor you must eat pyaz kachori. Have it with sweet lassi and famous Rajasthani kulfi. Daal-bati churma is another lip smacking dish.  Don’t forget to eat this dish.

By the time reading this article and the names of dishes your mouth must be watering. Right? Then why waiting, start packing. Explore the places with variety of dishes.

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