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Things to do in Kerala in February

Things to do in Kerala in February

Kerala in Feb is as amazing as a new bride. You can sip coffee in the terrace of your hotel and observe the fantastic light red and red sun rising or while away time at the seaside before the the reddish shaded shine of the sundown. Climate-wise also, Feb is a fun to see Kerala Climate as it is neither too cold nor too hot.

If you are planning to see Kerala during Feb, then it is a fantastic idea. Have a look at some of the actions you can be a part of during Feb.

1. Bekal – On a trip to appreciate the wealthy lifestyle and organic heritage

Bekal – On a visit to enjoy the rich culture and natural heritage

The relaxed environment and elegance of Bekal, situated in the Kasargode region of Kerala makes it an excellent position to see during Feb. The amazing sand-kissed seashores whispers experiences of exciting stars while you can move along the breathtaking town with its natural plants and appreciate the organic appeal of the position and check out all the conventional locations and seashores as well.  Here are some of the top websites you can click on while at Bekal. Of course, it all relies upon on how you strategy your itinerary:


  • Valiyaparamba Backwaters
  • Bekal Beach
  • Kappil Beach
  • Azhithala Beach

Religious sites

  • Ananthapura Lake Temple
  • Mallikarjuna Temple
  • Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple, Madhur
  • Thrikkannad Shiva Temple
  • Malik Dinar Mosque
  • Madiyankulam Durga Temple
  • Bela Church

Heritage sites

  • Maipady Palace
  • Kanjan Junga
  • Edneer Mutt
  • Anandashram
  • Nityananda Ashram

Nature lovers

  • Ranipuram hills Proposed Wildlife sanctuary
  • Kottancheri Hills
  • Veeramala Hills
  • Possadigumpe
  • Pandiyan Kallu

2. Wayand – Hiking to appreciate nature’s bounties

Wayand - Trekking to enjoy nature's bounties

Wayanad is also ravishing during February-March several weeks. Known as adoringly as saving money gemstone of Kerala, you will be captivated by its scintillating organic appeal. Attractive mountains, luxurious jungles, expansive farms where various types of spices or herbs are expanded, along with a lot of other exciting actions for you to be a part of create this location amazing and various.

Apart from having wealthy plants and creatures, the wealthy social lifestyle of the position calls people here. You can go on trekking trips within the woodlands and encounter a different kind of experience here. You will have information associated with you all the while.


  • The Pakshipathalam Trek
  • The Banasura Trek
  • The Chembra Peak Trek
  • The Brahmagiri Peak Trek
  • Thusharagiri Trek

Wildlife glimpse

  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Historical wonder

  • Edakkal Caves

3. Periyar – Touring in nature’s lap
Periyar – Sightseeing in nature’s lap

Periyar in Thekkady is another popular location for enthusiastic characteristics and wildlife fans. Nature decorates itself in all the gorgeous shades of natural and is waiting for her eager guests with passion. The plentiful value chest of plants and creatures gives it the feel and appeal of an pleasant location. You can click on Periyar Competition Source and go on woodlands paths through the heavy and deciduous jungles of swampy grasslands.

You can go on trekking trips into the woodlands with an excellent and knowledgeable information. Finding wildlife in their organic environment would just be one of the fascinating actions you can be a part of there, not to talk of the communications with friendly, regional communities and learning about their lifestyle and traditions.

Sightseeing spots

  • Kerala spice plantation
  • Leisurely cruise along the Periyar River
  • Visiting tea factories
  • Pandikkuzhi
  • Peerumedu
  • Murikkady
  • Calvary Mount
  • Vandiperiyar


  • Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

4. Kannur and Kasargode – A piece of lifestyle through Theyyam

Kannur and Kasargode - A slice of life through Theyyam

The most popular occurring in Kannur and Kasargode regions of Kerala during the several weeks from Dec to Apr is Theyyam. Theyyam is a very old conventional ritualistic art form that consists of a perfect features of music, words, dancing and a lot of literary works. This is a socio-religious wedding and is very, very brilliant and brilliant.

Theyyam is well known with excellent vitality in many of the regional wats or temples distribute across the two regions and is associated by devotional hymns exuding heavenly power even to the audience. The residents believe that the gods and actresses take part in this amazing elegance. Hence, they outfit them selves as Theyyams and take part in risky achievements.

The members are dressed in amazing shades with intricate hair pieces, rouged mouth, huge red shaded breastplates and other elaborations. Theyyam is also known by other titles such as Thirayattom and Kaliyattom. About 400 types of Theyyams conducted, and the popular ones out of them are Raktha Chamundi, Muchilottu Bhagavathi, Wayanadu Kulaven, Kari Chamundi, Gulikan and Pottan.

5. Anywhere in Kerala – Specific epidermis treat Ayurveda offers that pursuit away the winter year several weeks blues

Anywhere in Kerala - Specialized skin cure Ayurveda packages that chase away the winter blues

Winter is reducing bowing out and summer year will create its entry with well known vitality. You can go on an epidermis restorative treatment if you are going to Kerala during Feb. Almost all the locations in Kerala have hotels and hotels that offer Ayurvedic offers that would let you indulge your epidermis and body. Masseurs and Masseuses with powerful treatment abilities would work amazing things of your epidermis layer providing you a refreshing expertise in the resort’s soothing environment.

Through appropriate Ayurvedic epidermis treatment program, you will be able to achieve the miracle of most well-known medical care exercise in the world. Healing epidermis treatment offers that recover the organic qualities of your epidermis layer are used with extensive commitment in Kerala. It’s sinfully soothing, but definitely value the effort.


Consider a backwater drive from Alappuzha to Kochi and observe the enchanting sundown associated by the concert cacophony of the aviator inhabitants. The sky during this year is definitely value it!

With Valentine’s Day just around the area, why don’t you strategy for an enchanting vacation to any of the locations detailed above? It would definitely be a fun way to enjoy your love!

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