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Things to enjoy when in Varanasi

If you are in Varanasi, you have already visited and seen most of the tourist attractions in the city, but there is more to just visiting temples and going to forts in the city. There are several things you can indulge in to enjoy the true essence of Varanasi. In the case your india trip happens to be of an extended time and you have no place to see, here are some things you can do in the city for a good time: –

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Boat rides – Yes, most water bodies in Varanasi offer boat rides. You can actually enjoy and take as many boat rides you want along the River Ganges. This is a must do activity when in the city. Begin the ride upriver and go along in front towards the main portion of the Ganges. There are many other majestic Ghats in the city too where in you can enjoy a boat ride or walk by the Ghats. It is great to go during the evening time. There are quite a few beautiful 5 star hotels in Varanasi around this area to reside at.

Visit the Malviya Bridge – This double decker bridge is incredible. You must have seen a most of the skyline through the boat rides but the stroll from Ganges to the Malviya Bridge is a pleasant experience. If you are a photographer, you can get many different snaps here of the views of the city. The bridge was originally known as Duffer in Bridge and was opened in the 1887.

View from the top – There are countless stunning places to stay at in Varanasi. You can opt for five star hotels in Varanasi with a roof top view or private balconies to see the happenings in the busy city during your relaxation time. You can actually capture some incredible views of the prayers, activities at the Ganges River and also see the skyline of the city from high above.

Festive time – Festivities are grand in Varanasi and the poojas are mesmerizing to watch. During the festive times people are dressed up in Orange and red shades to attend the prayers at some popular temples here. You too can be a part of this and see what it is like to be during Diwali or any other festival in Varanasi. The entire city is lit up with decorations, colours and you can see the true Indian culture here.

Shopping – Love Indian jewellery, bangles and fabrics? You can get great silk fabric, cotton and some local prints in the market. If you admire bangles, you must visit the market near the River Ganges to get some of the best bangles in the country. They have countless colours, patterns and so much more. You can also get a ton of ethnic jewellery around Varanasi which look quite antique and gorgeous. So don’t miss out on shopping when in the city.

These are just a few things you can do in Varanasi when on a trip. So don’t miss out on the fun and note down this list.

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