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Reasons to visit Kaas – The Plateau of Flowers

Flowers are a blessing to the world. They are considered sacred. They are offered for prayers and showered over deities. Their petals are used to create essence which is used in perfuming the world – making the world smell good.

Flowers are used as a symbol of affection and concern. They are used in a bouquet to profess love to a lady or to wish someone a speedy recovery in an illness. Flowers are simply soothing and associated with good. Bees suck on their crux which when harnessed gives honey – a sweet product which is used in preparation of delicacies. A very important advantage of flowers is the healing powers that they possess.

When flowers holds such a significant symbol to the world, how wonderful would it to be watch them in all their eternal self in a place called Kaas. The Kaas Plateau has location near Satara district of Maharashtra, india. Also, The Kaas Plateau is extremely rich in natural bio-diversity.

Kaas plateau
Kaas plateau

Here are some reasons to visit Kaas – the plateau of flowers.

Hiking Expeditions –

Post monsoons the plateau becomes lush and radiant with blossoming flowers of magnificent kinds. It reflects nature in all its color and fragrance. This makes hiking at the location a pleasant experience and really helps to reconnect with life.

Exploring the plant life

There are more than 900 types of species of flowering plants on the Kaas plateau. 40 to 50 species of these plants are exclusive and not found anywhere else in the world. The Kaas Plateau is a volcanic plateau. The Kaas plateau has gained popularity on recently. It has been recently declare as a bio-diversity site by UNESCO in 2012. This means that it has an extremely large range of natural flowers which can be seen in a single go.


Plant life
Plant life

The Lake:

A little walk down the plateau is the Kaas Lake which has a lovely waterfall as well that comes to full life during the monsoon season. The lake has awesome sandy shores that will see the tourists hanging around, relaxing and recuperating. A magnificent site amidst the natural bio-diversity of Kaas plateau



Easy to reach:

A good four lane highway connects the plateau to Pune which is a famous city in india and not difficult to reach either.

Rejuvenate, recuperate and refresh back to life –

The Kaas plateau is a wholesome place and a once in a lifetime experience. To see such a large bio-diversity in full blossom is something which is not to be missed and also something which must definitely be seen in this lifetime.It is a pleasant experience and is sure to bring healing effects on the mind and body.

The Kaas plateau preferably must be made a day’s expedition. Although there are a few lodging options about 4 to 5 Km’s away from the site it is recommended to visit the plateau during the day and return back. The Kaas Holiday Resort is one option which is available for tourists looking to elongate their stay at Kaas.

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