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Planning a trip has never been so easy!

We all like to travel , and only the lack of time and / or money prevents us from doing it more regularly, right? But … have you stopped to think all the time and effort required to organize a trip? If you decide to go to a travel agency and put yourself in the hands of an expert, the thing can be more or less simple, depending on whether you are more or less “picky” and the expertise of that person to interpret your tastes . You can also do it by phone; You will save the scroll, but the rest of the process is quite similar. And it’s strange that, previously, you have not done a previous “research” job …

But if you are more of “I eat it, I eat it”, then things get complicated. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Mmmm, a bridge is coming and I want to disconnect from the daily routine. It’s time for a break. I’ve always wanted to go to (write here that place you never go to because it’s not too far away and then it’s not going to move, from now on, let’s call it X). The moment has come.


Let’s start with the flights , which if they are very expensive it seems to me that X will continue to wait for my invaluable visit … I will look at that comparator (metasearch, for the more technical language) that lately comes out so much on TV to see what I find. Okay, it looks like I’m not going to need to donate a kidney this time. Here I see prices that seem reasonable. But … why is there so much disparity, if the plane is supposed to be the same? Something I must be losing, because it seems that it is the same airline, the same flight schedule, all in tourist (oh, if I could at least once try that “bisnes”!) … then, why I see 5 different prices? Here there must be a prisoner … but if the price of the airline is more expensive! This is very strange … Let’s see what this is … “

Note: In the best case, visit two different websites, if not many more to see why there is a difference in prices that you think should be the same.

“Okay, I already have my flights . What to leave so late and return to a few hours that probably have not even put the streets does not thank me very much, but hey, everything is to finally know X, that everyone speaks very well about it. And tiny photos upload everyone on Instagram! “

Note : Who does not search on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or any other social network for inspiration?


“To see what hotel I find, that I do not want to spend what I’ve saved on flights with that schedule chestnut I’ve taken. I know that if I do not find anything, that’s it. I eat the bills with potatoes! But there must be something, right? Let’s see on that website that also advertise on TV and says it compares thousands of sites. A little exaggerated, right? Thousands, thousands, … will be some less, hehe. Well, the nougat, which I start to digress and this step never ended … Go, here we are in the same, too many differences. Man, it is true that in the announcement they said it, but to me it is that these things scare me a little. Euro up or down good, but so much … What if I look at that other site that is so talked about, the one that says it causes problems with neighbors? After all, I am very normal, I am not heard or anything. “

Note : Well, a few other websites to add to the list. I have already lost the account.


“Well, it has cost but I already have a roof under which to sleep and where to take a shower. Hygiene before everything! Bearing in mind that I arrive very late and leave very soon, foolishly I have eaten two days of the bridge and I have two others left. Maybe an excursion of those that teach you the most important thing would save me time. Or one of those buses that go around the city and let you go up and down when you want. Yes, I think it’s a good idea. But where do I contract it? This does not sound any announcement on TV … Well, nothing, ask Mr. Google, who knows everything (it seems to me that too …). My mother, how many results! I do not know the name of any of these companies. Will they be reliable? “Free Excursions” … If they are free, very good they can not be, right? Let’s see what people say about this company, that I like the name.

And to all this, the airport is where the wind turns … How do I get to the accommodation? Will there be public transportation? Because a safe taxi costs me an eye for a face. Let’s ask Mr. Google again …

That I do not forget to review the card statement when it comes to me, because I will have tropo hundred different charges. “

Note : Add and follow.

Does it sound? If you almost need a vacation to rest after so many searches!

Flight plus hotel and multi-destination, all in one

Would you believe me if I tell you that there is a website where you can do all this in a single search and a single purchase? Well, it’s true. On the website of Viajes El Corte Inglés you have a new section of Flight + Hotel – although in many destinations you also have the train as an alternative of transport – which offers you the best possible option according to many criteria, but which at any moment allows you to change what you need until you find the perfect trip. You just have to choose the origin, the destination and the nights and that’s it! And you can add transfers, a rental car, tickets to shows or excursions according to your convenience.

But there’s more! Because with the same philosophy the Multidestino section has been created , so that you can combine several destinations in the same reservation and you can mount your dream trip a la carte.

Do not stop trying it and share your impressions with us.

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