Places To Eat in Lucknow

 Everything is changing with the amount of time in this real world. But a town which remains its heritage, culture, value, lifestyle and tastes of the original famous foods with as soon as with time, even becomes more favored by passing the time. Lucknow, some of the greatest historical places in India, and becomes well-liked as it pertains as best eating at restaurants places in India.

So now, I’m going right through some of the greatest foods and most famous food joints of Lucknow what/where you are able to eat/taste there. However, Lucknow city is fully set with large amount of famous restaurants positioned in top flight hotels and posh areas. Still I’ll share here top traditional, most demanded and mainly famous food places which searches everyday on web whenever anyone planning to go to Lucknow and try to find these must go food corner and restaurants of the historical city. Just check it out-

Eating Out in Lucknow : Restaurants, Foods & Places

Tunday Kababi


There’s undoubtedly Tunday Kababi offers India’s best Kabab for foodies. Tunday Kababi may be the landmark of the greatest eating joints in Lucknow which will be fabled for its delicious peppery Kabab-Parathas. And a good thing about Tunday Kababi is so it offers fine quality of foods in low to average budget. However, you will find two branches of Tunday Kababi in Lucknow, one is found in Nazirabad near Aminabad, and second is situated near Akbari Gate, Chowk. But don’t be confused here; Chowk may be the old and mainly famous joint of Tunday Kababi. However it only offers Kabab-Paratha, no other dishes. But taste this recipe at-least once, I bet you won’t tasted this sort of delicious Kabab Parathas across India.

Delicious non veg foods will be the specialty of Lucknow, so if you wish to taste additional famous non-veg dishes of Lucknow city, visit Tunday Kababi Nazirabad. It gives all kinds of non-veg foods. Both places are most famous restaurants in Lucknow for eating at restaurants till late night. So if you’re planning to go to most famous tourist places in Lucknow, don’t forget to go to Tunday Kababi. It’s the hub of eating outs in Lucknow.

There is also a division in Gomti Nagar, but I haven’t get chance to go to there. So I’m not sharing here any experience for Tunday Kababi Gomti Nagar because of this time

Address: Near Akbari Gate, Chowk, Lucknow

Address: Naaz Cinema Road, Nazirabad near Aminabad, Lucknow

Idris Biryani

If you wish to taste the actual flavor of Biryani, then you’re at the proper place. I do believe you should not discuss concerning the specialty of the food joint, but those that do uninformed with this specific prominent eating outlet, Idris Biryani is one of the very famous food places in Lucknow to consume mutton biriyani. But don’t over expect concerning the accommodation of the biriyani shop, it appears like an average road side Dhaba, but wait a moment; this food joint will last one of the greatest biriyani platter of Awadh. So overlook the class and quality of customer care for a while if you’re a foodie, just order a dish and experience the initial taste of the most favorite dish offers by Lucknow city.

AddressPatanala near Chowk, Lucknow



However, you will find amounts of Dastarkhwan named restaurant in Lucknow; some at street side and sometime at good locations, but one (Dastarkhwan Hazratganj) I will surely recommended to all. This really is my all time favorite place to consume in Lucknow with my friends and family. I’d tried nearly all Dastarkhwan outlets in Lucknow, but what I truly liked concerning this branch it provides best of best Mughlai non-veg foods of Lucknow with very large menu of chicken and mutton items. I haven’t seen this kind of huge menu in virtually any famous non-veg restaurants even yet in Delhi.

But it’s not heaven for Mughlai food lovers only; they likewise have a massive selection of veg items too. Therefore it doesn’t matter you’re dependent on what sort of north Indian food, Dastarkhwan serves you all

AddressU. P. Press Club, Near China Bazaar Gate, Hazratganj

Royal Cafe


Royal Cafe, one of the very famous, finest and best family restaurants in Lucknow which serves veg and non-veg both forms of famous Lucknow foods that’s worth to money, situated in heart of the town Hazratganj. Great location, excellent accommodation, good quality, tremendous customer experience, and decent crowd are the initial identity with this popular restaurant. Now Royal Cafe is just about the first choice among youngster in Lucknow as located in the most effective shopping market. However, Royal Cafe offers full dining alternatives for foodies in Lucknow, but there are a few must eat tasty and super tasty recipes that you simply should truly eat when you get to be able to visit Hazratganj. And these foods are basket chat (tokri chaat) ", aloo tikki, paani puri, golgappas, biriyani and non veg kabab. So try a number of them and don’t forget to create your comment or feedback concerning this best restaurant when you visit there.

Address9/7, Shahnazaf Rd, Opposite Saharaganj Mall, Lucknow

Prakash Kulfi

Again a hottest food devote Lucknow, situated in Aminabad and very near to a most famous non-veg restaurant Tunday Kababi. Prakash Kulfi is one of the greatest places to consume desserts in Lucknow and must try eating joint after eating Kabab Parathas at Tunday. However, cool faluda kulfi is the key desert of Prakash Kulfi corner, but it addittionally has some delicious creamy and fruit kulfi which explores the standard taste of the town of Nawabs. So if you should be visiting Aminabad for shopping or eating dinner out, here is another bowl of sweet creamy faluda kulfi. I bet you’ll forget all prior connection with delicious dessert. Additionally they offer packing facility, so if you do not have long to consume as of this food corner, you can even order for pack your preferred kulfi. But don’t miss it!  :-)

Address12/13, Fruit Lane, Aminabad, Lucknow

Pandit Raja Thandai


However, Thandai is the absolute most favorite drink in Holi festival. But peoples (foodies) in Lucknow love this drink through the year. Raja Thandai may be the oldest and most famous Thandai shop in Chowk Lucknow. Basically Thandai is just a sweet drink that’s made out of the combination of milk, saffron, kaju, almond (badam), pistachio (pista), cardamom (elaichi) and some secret masala powers which supplies a strong flavored taste in drink, and helps it be good alternate of cold soda in hot day. This place can be the proof very famous and respected peoples who enjoyed this drink till date e.g. Pandit Nehru, Atal Bihari Bajpai, Dilip Kumar and more. Therefore it is also a necessity try experience in Lucknow.

Address10 A, Kasturba Market, Chowk

Sri Lassi Corner

Sri Lassi Corner, again a premier famous eating joint of Chowk Lucknow that will be very near to the main shop of Tunday Kababi Chowk. Because the name seems ‘Sri Lassi Corner ‘, it provides verities of Lassi (local north Indian drink combination of sugar, milk & curd). But wait another!!! It’s something more to serve you. Sri Lassi Corner is especially fabled for its spicy, delicious, mouth-watering and finger licking Chole Bhature. It is better places to eating dinner out in Lucknow till evening (11 PM). The specialty of Sri Lassi Corner is so it serves non-oily Bhature with black Chole that you simply wouldn’t see usually even at an excellent restaurant. So also add this joint in your listing of famous eating areas in Lucknow, I really hope you won’t be disappointed.

AddressKamla Nehru Marg, Near Bata Shoe Company, Chowk

Chappan Bhog

Unquestionably, Chappan Bhog is the greatest place to consume and pack dessert/sweet in entire Lucknow region. Chappan Bhog is fabled for its quality, taste, service and experience. It’s very burdensome for me to spell it out in words concerning the unmatched & unforgettable taste offer by this best eating center of Lucknow. It doesn’t matter you’re in Lucknow or too far. You are able to place your preferred order online on the official website, and a very important thing is shipping is free anywhere in India J so if you’re now going to put your order online, must demand ‘ Motichoor ke ladoo ‘. It’s the most effective order of Chappan Bhog.

AddressApna Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Lucknow

Radhey Lal Parampara

There’s undoubtedly Chowk and Hazratganj are must go places in Lucknow for eating out. Radhey Lal Parampara, situated in Ganj & Chowk both, again a hottest eating dinner out joint with this historical city which provides highest quality desserts, snacks, junk food, street food and namkeen. It’s well-known manufacturer in Lucknow that will be blended with some unique recipes (like Mawa Jalebi) which deliver rich connection with years.

AddressGole Darwaza, Chowk

Address3, Sapru Marg, Opposite Udyaan Bhawan, Hazratganj

What to Eat in Lucknow

However, it isn’t easier for me to cover each famous and popular street foods of Lucknow in this food blog. But I can guide you in brief what shouldn’t miss whenever you are travelling in Lucknow for search best eating out and places. Try these too-

  • Kakori kabab
  • Gulabi chai (pink tea) [Visit Nakhas market at night for taste it.]
  • Sheermal
  • Andrasay
  • Mawa ladoo [Haji sweet shop, Nadan mahal road]

So, it’s done now. If you find this Lucknow food guide engaging and informative, please share this post with your family and friends too!