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Why is it necessary to travel light and less ?

Travelling is a part of our lives and for many, it is their livelihood. The travel light that is being referenced here is not the small route travel that lasts for 1 or 2 hours. But, the travel that is being mentioned here refer to the travels that are long and are from one city to another; from one state to another; or from one country to another.

So, you have made all the preparations; searched for the flights/trains, booked tickets, availed travel deals like cash back on flight bookings, booked hotel rooms, planed your tour, and are all set to go. However, a thing that you forgot is to pack less and light. Well, just like every other things that relates to travel are important, packing light is also an important part of travel.

We all hate long travels, especially those travels that are boring and include multiple stoppages. In such cases of travel, it doesn’t matter you are travelling with someone or travelling alone; it is quite certain that you’ll get tired and bored during the course of journey. Things get worse, when you are not travelling light. So, if you are about to head to your favourite holiday destination; head to your grandma’s home; or head to a different city for work related purpose, try to travel less and light. Following are the reasons why you should travel less and light.

  • Travelling with multiple luggage and/or heavy luggage simply makes it difficult to walk around, whenever you need to. You have got just two hands and there is a limit to your strength. So, travelling heavy with multiple luggage is simply impractical. After all, you will not want to get stranded somewhere in the middle, looking for help. So, take precautions and travel light.
  • If you travel light and with less luggage, it will be convenient for you to easily clear the security check. Less luggage means less time wastage on security check. This gets you rid off the long security processes and helps you to always be on time.
  • Besides, if you travel less and light, then you will be concerned about less luggage. More luggage means more strain to the brain. As a result, the trip that you were supposed to spent enjoying, will be spent in concerns and mental stress. Also, in cases of lost or theft, you’ll be in less ache.
  • If you travel light, then you’ll be spending less time on packing. Whether you are leaving for the airport, or checking out of the hotel room, you’ll be ready in just few minutes.
  • Finally, travelling light is also favourable to your wallet. These days people also charge you for the luggage that you carry. This is most practical when you book a transportation medium like taxis, cabs, and even trains and aeroplanes. So, try travelling light if you have money concerns.

 That were some very basic but important reasons for you to travel light. So, the next time you travel, keep these points in mind and try to travel less and light.

Dimpy Roy

Author Dimpy Roy is an travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She helps people to plan their trip across India. She writes about latest offers on hotels booking, cash back on flight bookings  also.

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