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Lakshadweep Travel GuideLakshadweep tourism
About 200 miles off the coast of Kerala is a beautiful group of islands called Lakshadweep, which is located southwest of india in the close to Arabian Sea. At the time of British rule in india, these islands were called Laccadive Islands. Almost ten Lakshadweep islands are inhabited, still making a untamed beauty of Mother Nature.
Lakshadweep is derived from a Sanskrit word, which is, Lakshadweep (meaning laksha è hundred thousand) (dweepa meaning è Islands). This is one of the smallest union territory of India, with 84 percent of Malayalam-speaking Community. There are some people in the southern part of the island that address Mahl.

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Culture and ethics of the land mass is similar Lakshadweep The Kerala and the main source of crop cultivation is coconut. Lakshadweep is the largest producer of coconut and coconut oil in India. It is a paradise on earth with beautiful beaches and many enchanting quiet water sports for people to have fun. Long clean sandy beaches is a great place to spend some time with family and friends.
The island also consists of atolls, reefs and submerged banks. Here people can enjoy the lush green, clean and pristine sandy beaches, water sports, marine life and authentic Indian dishes. This makes Lakshadweep a very chosen holiday destination for tourists coming from different parts of the world.
LakshadweepLakshadweep climate
Lakshadweep experiences so warm and pleasant climate with tropical humidity. The island receives rain from the southwest monsoon during May to October. Summers are a bit hot and stuffy due to the humidity. Temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius during the peak summer season, which is in April and May, but the nights are cold because the Arabian Sea breeze. Wind speed is usually moderate, but in the summers ago, wind power and gains during monsoons, the island experiences strong winds.
Points of Interest
This is one of the most chosen holiday destinations in India, which is even known as coral paradise. Corals grown in marine mountain made a part of the island as habitable reefs, shoals and atolls. This beautiful formation of coral and sandy beaches makes the island a real treat to watch, thus adding more to the natural beauty and atmosphere tranquilized. Mainly includes lush green coconut trees and coconut cultivation thus became the main occupation for people acting as a cash crop on the island.
lakshadweep mapAlong the coast, there is a beautiful marine life with vibrant colors of coral, which is a real treat to watch. Some of the most common fish on the coast include tuna, Barracuda, Wahoo, moray eels and more. Slow moving marine life found in coral reefs include crabs, sea cucumber, dolphins and turtles. It is a collection of islands, of which a few islands are inhabited. The main islands of Lakshadweep are Bangaram and Agatti Islands, which is a perfect tourist spot here people can also enjoy scuba diving.