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Journey to croatia Travel Guide

Have you ever tried an unexpected journey? A kind of journey you just thought of between curiosity and eagerness to explore? This travel of mine that I’m about to share to you to was my incredible trip from Venice to the fascinating islands of Croatia.

As I wandered through the Venetian coastline, I made a glance to the islands across the crystal-clear waters of Adriatic Sea. I never realized, it took me a while to stare at those Dalmatian islands that seemed to captivate me.

What a pretty good sight.

My thoughts led me to be curious and explore what’s in there. Though, all I knew at that time was to be stuck in Venice but I was anxious to go beyond the limits and without further ado, I quickly led myself to the place called Dubrovnik – one of the amazing places of Croatia.

I’ve never been to this country before. When I got there, I was surrounded by the classical architectures that seemed to be a memento of the Roman domination marked with romanticism and beauty which I never expected I would feel.

Journey to croatia Travel Guide

Down to the defensive Walls of Dubrovnik, I felt it would be an extreme adventure to go sailing. But before that, I was highly fascinated by the stone walls I witnessed near the coastline. It was historical and uniquely-built for it served as a military defense on one of the invasions that happened years ago.

It was a momentous experience to go on a luxury travel when you do it alone – and yes, I did it alone. However, I am not a yacht and sailing enthusiast so, that’s why I decided to join a flotilla. It was one of my great decisions to go sailing in a flotilla in Croatiabecause the country’s coast is the most stunning thing I’ve seen in my life. It was a learning experience and I felt the freedom of meeting few people.

The yacht was perfect for it was a Bavaria Cruiser 37. It was a good choice. While inside, I could see how spacious it was – with 3 cabins and wide below deck. Overall, it had a sleek and modern style.

I recall the captain’s name is Sergio – he’s a cool guy. I learned a lot from him as a captain. He told me once on navigating the cruiser – everything depends on how the wind blows.

We were in the middle of vast calm waters until we reached to one of the exciting places to visit – Mljet. He immediately gave a beauty rest on her – his beloved cruiser that was next to the other sailboats on the port of Pomena.

National Park

The place was stunning. Mljet got the most splendid parks I got to see. It was a great thing to step on the asphalted roads while having a bike-for-rent just on Pomena until I reached the National Park. I spent my entire day and took advantage of the kayaking experience. The National Park is divided with two beautiful lakes where I spent paddling around the lakes.

Finally, the night came and the cobblestone streets paved me to go for a delectable barbecue night which was usually the finishing event of a wonderful day.

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