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Jal Mahal: Embellished Beauty Amidst the Water

For wanderlusts Jal Mahal, it is an experience to admire and remember forever. Each of its places narrates a story of its own, which draws you closer to the historical city. Whether it is the history of the Rajput’s or the Mughals, all intrigues you deeply.

Now being magnetized to the city, it is time to know about one of its splendid possessions that is the Jal Mahal.

Historical facts about the Jal Mahal

History tells that the ceremonious inauguration of the Jal Mahal took place in the year 1596 AD under the mindful mastery of the Rajput king of Amer.

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It was said that the king had to build a dam in the place with quartzite and earth along the eastern portion of the valley that existed between the Amargarh and Amer hill. The dam was constructed to meet the shortage of water in the place, which was due to the famine.

Later on, in the seventeenth century, the dam had undergone a structural change as a result was completely decked up in stone. The water of the dam was specifically released to meet the agricultural needs of the place. In fact, efficacious emperors of Rajasthan have taken a great step ahead to preserve the heritage of the place. But eventually, the final touch was given in the eighteenth century under the rule of Jai Singh II.

Jal Mahal -Jaipur

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Architectural beauty

The Jal mahal is the perfect creation of the duo Indian Rajputs and Mughals. Amidst the Mansagar Dam, the mahal stands still with a pin drop silence. The Mahal is perfectly fortified with the Nahargarh hills and the lake that stands the test of time. The fifth storey mahal decked in red sandstone has four floors submerged under the water while the fifth one remains aloof and exposed. The octagonal shaped Chattris on the four sides of the Mahal reflects the style of Bengal. The enchanting Jal Mahal witness the Aravalli hills, which again has a formation of the quartzite, curtained with a thin film of soil.

You would see that the temple is originally located in the hub of the Kanak Vrindavan valley. Moving inside the mahal, as you climb the terrace one would simply get blown away by the pristine view of the garden. Not only that one will also get engrossed to see the fine and detailed architectural mastery on the octagonal shaped towers situated on each of the corners of the Mahal. On the top of that, the towers minutely crowned with a dome-shaped structure displaying the head of the elephant will again arrest your attention.

You will feel that the gripping beauty of the sylvan lake whispers its exquisiteness in every way. Additionally, the abundant splendor of flora and fauna adds a resplendence spell to the magnificent Jal Mahal.

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