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Jaisalmer – The Golden City of Thar With a Grand Fort

Jaisalmer is often called the Golden City and is a standalone city in the vastness of Thar desert. It has the famous and historic Jaisalmer Fort which signifies the royalness of its bygone eras. Read on to know more.
There are many tourist places in India. Some are known for their natural beauty, some are historically significant, while others exhibit a royal grandness that has been set upon them since times of bygone eras. Full of hills, rivers, flora and fauna, architectural marvels, entertainment sites, and romantic aura, thousands of places across India keep enticing tourists from all over the world.

The list of places to visit keeps going bigger over time. The more you see, the more you experience. It builds more insights about the world and widens your curiosity to an entirely new level. Going places, however, is often a thing of vacations,  when the whole bunch of family and friends plan together to head for a nice place for some change of landscapes and recreation. takes into account a lot of things Рbudget, time, planning, destination, season of the place, etc. Opposed to family trips, solo tours can be planned quickly. Whether you want to go in a group or alone, depends wholly on which one makes you feel more comfortable. In fact, experiencing a place with your family is considered quite fun and discovering it in your solitude is more of a soulful immersion in what amazement the world has to offer. Jaisalmer is one place where you can either go alone or with your family. It is about 360 miles from Jaipur and well-connected by rail and road. You can book your accommodation in hotels in Jaisalmer in advance for a prior peace of mind.

Jaisalmer is often called the Golden City as it is situated on a ridge formed by pale sandstone. It is a World Heritage Site and was once known as the Jaisalmer State. It is in the middle of the vast desert of Thar and the Jaisalmer Fort stands right in the middle of it. It is a majestic site to see a royal palace standing amidst the vast expanse of sand, commanding respect from the houses of thousands of people who live around. That also makes it immediately clear that the beauty of deserts might be your thing, but staying at some convenient place, so that you can enjoy your holidays comfortably, is equally important. If want to feel the royal touch of the place, you definitely need an accommodation that is punctuated with the grandeur of the gone times. There are some exquisite 5 star hotels in Jaisalmer. Fort Rajwada, Suryagarh, and The Gulaal are some of them. Club Mahindra also has its five star hotel in Jaisalmer.

Besides the grand fort, other attractions to visit in Jaisalmer are: the seven Jain temples of the 15-16th century which are situated inside the fort walls, The Heritage Museum, Patwa-ki-Haveli, Laxminarayan Temple, Vyas Chhatri, Jaisalmer Folklore Museum, etc. You can also do some shopping while in Jaisalmer. Bellissima is a small shop near fort that sells nice works of embroidery and some other Rajasthani arts. Light of the East which sells rare minerals and crystals. There are some bookstores as well. Hotels in Jaisalmer provide you with all the information about visiting the city. You may ask the staff or the reception desk for arrangements for your sightseeing.

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