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4 intriguing weekend getaways from Kolkata

Kolkata, the City Of Joy offers some extraordinary destinations to investigate. The city is a happy mix of the old and current way of life. The state West Bengal and with few nearby states are exceptionally gone to puts in India. Vacationers from everywhere throughout the nation head out here to absorb the novel quintessence of the state. All things considered, the city guides you a portion of the mainstream travel centers. Check famous 5-star hotels in Kolkata for an agreeable remain. A recreation trip or an adventure or a temple hopping here is a rundown of 4 charming spots to employ from Kolkata for somewhat long weekends.

Purulia: Far from the occupied life, Purulia, with its green scene, undulating slopes and timberlands are perfect for an entirely occasion. Offering serenity to the city tenants, Purulia is the westernmost area of West Bengal. It is a piece of Chotanagpur level. Home to a few tribal groups like Kherias-Sabars, Santhals, Kurmis, society music is an inherent piece of Purulia. Chhau is one such folk. It is a kind of Indian tribal military move. Purulia is at a separation of 287 km from Kolkata. Purulia is all around joined by rail and streets.

Digha: Though Digha is presently very much joined with railroads from Howrah. Be that as it may, Bong’s are still found of flying out to their old most loved Goa by street. Auto, bicycles or by transport, Digha is hotspots and a famous spot to relax. Digha is a shoreline town, the line of palm trees and the beachside fish slow down are the included attractions, in addition, the ocean. It takes around 3 hours 10 mins to reach Digha. Abutting to Digha are the couple of different shorelines which have picked up ubiquity. Spring and Monsoon are considered as the perfect time to achieve this shoreline town.

Mayapur: When your brain needs a profound getaway, then Mayapur is the perfect spot to visit. For a short and firm visit, this spot is great. Mayapur is only 146.2 km far from Kolkata and it houses the extremely well known ISKCON sanctuary. The serene environment of Mayapur will again bring you back.

Puri: For a long weekend Puri is one of the prevalent destinations to employ from Kolkata. Puri is a surely understood spot on the east drift. Puri is a locale on the eastern piece of Orissa. The spot is surely understood for its Jagannath Temple and Chariot Festival (Rath Yatra). Consistently an expensive herd of sightseers visit Orissa to have a look of Puri. The locale contributes vigorously to the Orissa tourism.


Puri is one of the Char Dham journey destinations of Hindu. It is amongst the legacy urban areas of India. Puri has its own particular appeal. The dark floods of Bay of Bengal and the temple town, Puri is an exceptional blend of a shoreline resort and temples It is a delightful spot and you can visit at whatever time of the year. Be that as it may, Summer is not the best alternative. Prepares and transports are accessible as alternatives, however, Kolkata to Puri by car offers an extraordinary ordeal also.

Along these lines, this winter picks any from the above-recorded places and have some good times.

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