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How to save money on moving costs

When moving from your old home to a new location, everyone in the family feels the stress including your pets. The best way to ensure that the move is less stressful is by planning the move each step of the way. Along with all the hassles of packing and moving come the costs involved in the packing equipment, the trucks to transport the goods, and everything else in between including in some cases storage for items that you may not need at the present time.


In order to save money on the transportation of your goods it is best to move on what are known as off days. Moving companies are very busy at the beginning of each month as well as at the end of each month and on weekends. This is the time when most families choose to move; therefore the costs will be more expensive as the companies are often reserved months in advance of the move. Talk with the moving company about days they are free and plan your move on the cheaper days of the week and month.

Try to move during the off season. Most families and businesses move during June through August. If you can plan your move during other months of the year, you will save money as well. Also ask the moving company if they offer seasonal discounts.

This advice may sound a bit strange, but it will save you quite a bit of money. If you have belongings that you have not used in more than one year besides seasonal items, get rid of them. You can have a garage sale or donate the items to a charity. By getting rid of items you really do not need, you will save money on moving costs as there will be less items to move. This can be difficult as many families have “treasures” they do not want to part with at all. The best way to make these decisions is by starting in one room at a time. Have three different piles, one for “keep for sure”, one for “no longer need”, and then your mighty “maybe” pile. Once you have packed all the keep for sure items, you can go through the maybe pile again and make your final decision before giving away the no longer need pile or selling them.

Decide on the services you want the moving company to do from packing to transporting to unloading. You may wish to do all the packing and unpacking yourself, or you may have specific items that you would rather have professional pack to ensure they arrive safely at the new location. For more information and advice on how to save money on your move, contact us.

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