Haunted places in mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams. These dreams are the ones that come true and also the dreams that are broken. People whose dreams come true live like kings in Mumbai. People whose dreams are shattered become ghosts to haunt the city. Jokes apart, Mumbai has many haunted places, just like any other city of its size. And there are some popular ghost stories in Mumbai. Mumbai has many structures reminiscent of colonial British India and some of these old buildings are haunted. People say that there is very little greenery in Mumbai, but the city has a whole forest reserve inside. That is why forests and open spaces are the most haunted places in Mumbai.

A.Corner flat Kemp: Great Paradi Towers is located in the middle of the city at the corner of Kemp. It is one of the most exclusive areas of the city and yet the second floor apartment has remained unsold for years. This is because this building has recorded 20 cases of suicide precarious because it was built in 1979.
B. Sanjay Gandhi National Park: leopards and tigers Sanjay Gandhi National Park often feast on the people staying in the forest encroached land. So if you escape these animals starving and homeless, you can actually meet restless souls who could not bear to live or to die peacefully in Mumbai.
C. Mukesh Mills: Cotton mills of Mumbai were closed in the 80s and is now abuzz with stories of ghosts. The Mukesh mills are located in Colaba is where many movies have been filmed. But in an unfortunate shooting, the actress herself was possessed by a spirit and started to speak in a male voice!
D. Taj Mahal Hotels: This is one of the landmarks of Mumbai and yet strange things have been reported to occur in this luxury hotel. The Taj hotel is haunted by its creator or architect WA Chambers. Hopefully the deadly terrorist attack of 26/11 have not led the French ghost of his refuge.
Haunted places in mumbai