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Go Fun and frolic in Bangalore

If you are bored from your regular life schedules and wants to do some fun frolic activities, then Bangalore a place where you can enjoy ample amount of activities. Other than being the IT hub of India, this place is a paradise for people who like to experience fun in different way. Let us below drill down some activities that can be done while your visit to the city:-

Walking Bangalore by foot

If you really want to experience the real Bangalore, then you must take this experience. It does not matter if you are a resident of the city who does not want to spend their weekend visiting a mall or sit with friends in a club. Taking a walk in the history of Bangalore is something you can plan. Waking Bangalore by foot is an initiative taken by some Bangalore born hosts who takes people on walking tours and help them discover city’s history, heritage, food, culture and spiritualism. While taking the walk you get to know some unknown facts of the city.

Walking Bangalore by foot


If you want to add some freak in your fun, then Breakout is the place to be. Breakout is India’s first and one of the most popular escape venues in Bangalore. In this place, you to get to experience pure fun in 60 minutes. This place is built on the concept of team building activities. It is a game that can be enjoyed with a team of 2 to 5 people. Just invite your friends, book a slot and choose a task to solve. Make sure you reach the place 15 minutes prior before your allotted time. There are about 3 tasks that can be done and all the three tasks offer unique set of puzzles, that you and your team would need to solve in the stipulated time. So if you are looking for some team building excursion, then Breakout is the place to visit.

Cook with your friends at Slurp Studio

If you are planning to impress your friends with your culinary skills but not sure where to start, then visiting slurp studio can solve your problem. Visit the slurp studio and engage yourself in some of the interactive cooking classes and if you are already a pro at cooking then you can even take cook off challenges. The whole idea behind this is to enjoy some time your friends and family by making some fancy dishes and later enjoy them as well. This concept has got many residents hooked.

Enjoy with snow in Snow City

Though Bangalore has a beautiful weather all around the year, yet visiting the snow city is one of its kind experience. You are allowed to be there for 60 minutes and during that time you can enjoy the snow rock climbing, snow rafting, toboggan rides, snow basketball and a fantasy snow castle making it interesting to all age groups. Don’t worry about carrying the protective gear with you. This place provides warm shoes, jackets, caps and gloves to keep you protected in the snow area.

With so many things to do in Bangalore, this city is more than just being an IT hub.

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