Exploring the wildlife of Australia


Introduction The wildlife in Australia is quite well-known and distinctive. Everyone knows that kangaroos and koala bears come from Australia, but not everyone knows the best places to go in Australia to find these distinctive and unique animals in the wild. This article gives a description of the top 10 best known wild animals and birds in Australia as well as the best places to go in Australia to find them.

australia wildlife sanctuary
australia wildlife sanctuary

Kangaroos -These distinctive animals are endemic, or native, to Australia and are found nowhere else in the world. The Australian national symbol includes a kangaroo, as a symbol for how progressive Australia is, since kangaroos are unable to move backwards. -They are best known for being marsupials; in other words, the female kangaroos have pouches on their fronts where their children live until they mature. –Kangaroos are quite common in the wild in all parts of Australia; places like the Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island, and the Australian Alps are a few of the better known areas.

Echidnas -Echidnas are one of a very few mammals that lays eggs, called monotremes. They are quite prickly, similar to porcupines in America. -Although difficult to spot in the wild, Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to visit for seeing them.

Australia Wildlife - Koalas
Australia Wildlife Sanctuary

Koalas -Similar to kangaroos, koalas are also marsupials and herbivores, eating mainly eucalyptus leaves. -Koalas are most often found along the eastern coast of Australia, especially on Philips Island in Victoria and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve near Canberra.

Emus -Like kangaroos, emus are one of the national symbols of Australia because they are unable to move backwards. They are closely related to ostriches and are the second largest bird in the world behind ostriches. -Emus generally avoid populated areas, but are commonly spotted in grasslands in the wild.

Goanna -Goannas are a type of large monitor lizard that is commonly found in Australia; they are quite large, with the largest being 2.5 meters, or 8 feet, long. -Goannas can be found throughout most of Australia, except Tasmania, as long as you go out into the bush.

Kookaburra -Kookaburras are best known for their call, which sounds like a hysterical laugh. -They are common throughout Australia and can be heard out in the bush, or even sometimes in suburban areas.

Platypus -Another type of monotreme, platypuses are fairly reserved creatures, burrowing into the banks of streams and rivers to lay their eggs. -Because they are hard to spot, it is probably best to go to places like Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to find one in the wild.

Sea Turtles -There are several species of endangered sea turtles that find their way onto Australian beaches to lay their eggs. -Although you might be able to catch a glimpse of them while scuba diving or snorkeling, a visit to Eco Beach in Broome in the right season might reward you with a sight of them laying eggs.

Wombat-Wombats are yet another common marsupial in Australia. They are generally burrowing animals, and so can be hard to find in the wild. -However, a trip to Blue Mountains National Park will probably reward you with a sighting of one

Lyrebird -Lyrebirds are a type of ground-dwelling bird native to Australia. The males have quite large and beautiful tails, setting them apart nicely from the surroundings. -You can probably find them along the east coast of Australia, especially in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne.

Traveling to Australia will reward you with a magnificent experience in terms of wild life. As can be seen from this small sampling of exotic creatures found in Australia, this country boasts a magnificent range of creatures to be observed. And in order to get to Australia, all you need is an Australia visa easily obtainable online. Australia is indeed a wonderful land, full of amazing wildlife, all waiting for you to come visit.