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Enjoy a Sojourn Holiday With Hotels in Chakrata

Even though, there is a dearth of hotels in Chakrata, but the hotels that are available in the town are adequate enough to offer one a memorable stay with no-match. Chakrata, a small hill town in the thick forest-covered regions of the Uttarakhand state, is a destination that the explorers and nature-buffs should visit, at least once. The place is an eternal home of natural beauty, housing virgin forests, sparkling water bodies, large species of flora & fauna, cool breeze, clear-blue sky, overpowering hills, and picturesque villages at its surroundings. For the travellers seeking some time to spend alone in silence and admiring the creativity of nature, Chakrata is an absolute destination.

hotels in Chakrata

In the past, the hill town was a major military cantonment for the British. Today, it serves as a the base to nation’s Special Frontier Force. If you happen to be in the nearby hill stations, then you can simply take a small trip to this town and be back in no time. The nearest domestic airport to the city is the Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun. Additionally, the nearest international airport to the hill town is at Delhi and Amritsar. These airports are served by all major air-carriers like Qatar Airways, British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Singapore Airlines etc.

Viewpoint of Chakrata

Chakrata is a small town, so it won’t take much of your time to complete tourism in the city. However, being in the town does gives one a rewarding opportunity to explore the uncharted regions of the town, that are still at their erstwhile state. The town does guarantees of a great adventure, that is filled with long walks, trekking, mountain biking, sightseeing, rock climbing, and several other fun outdoor activities. A handful of the tourist places that you simply can’t miss, when in Chakrata include: Mundoli, Hanol, Devban, Moigad Fall, Tiger Fall, and Kanasar.


The weather here remains cool throughout the year, so it serves as an excellent escaped from the scorching heat of summer. The place remains ideal for visit in all seasons of the year, except the winters. However, some adventure fanatics are keen enough to head to this town during winters, because winter tourism in the city has its own charms, which can’t be experienced in summer or other seasons.

Accommodations/hotels in Chakrata:

view of Chakrata

There are very few options available in terms of hotels in Chakrata. The city is small and it doesn’t receives too many tourists, hence resulting in low number of hotels and accommodation in the town. However, even with the few hotels, the city does ensures of comfortable and convenient stay. Following is a small description of hotel Camp Room On The Roof, which is one of the ideal stay-over options in the city.

hotel snow view

Located at a convenient and scenic spot in the town the hotel Camp Room On The Roof is one ideal stay option for a memorable sojourn of the town. It caters all the basic stay related needs of the guests, with its more than efficient staff, home like ambiance, personalized services, and basic but good array of amenities. As your trip of the town will be short, so it is perhaps the best option to choose. The rooms and spacious and cozy. They are sure comfortable and let the guests to best enjoy their short trip. In short, the hotel in one of the few hotels in Chakrata offering a genuine stay with no-equal hospitality.

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