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Customs And Tradition Of India That You Should Know Beforehand While Planning A Trip

Visiting a country requires some preparations beforehand such as learning and understanding the culture and tradition of that particular country, learning to converse in the local language, etc. If you are planning for a visit to India in the nearby future, then you can be assured about the fact that your visit will be quite pleasant.

Indian customs and traditions are the ones that are followed from centuries and have been passed on from generation to generation. Here are some such customs that you should know about.

Gifting your Host

Buying gifts for your host is the tradition that is flourished in India from the olden times. Even though it is not a strictly followed custom, the hosts always appreciate it. If you are not familiar with your host or their family members, gifting something belonging to your own culture will be highly appreciated.

Gifting your Host

While visiting any Holy Ground

While visiting any temple or a place of worship, Indians follow the strict rule of taking off the footwear outside the place. Every time you visit any place of worship in India, make sure to remove your footwear outside and also not to wear revealing clothes. While visiting any holy ground, you can follow these rules to take pleasure and also in knowing many things about the place.

While visiting any Holy Ground

While Entering a Home

Even though some families do not consider your action as rude one, if you enter their home wearing footwear, some traditional families prefer you entering their home after taking off your slippers or shoes outside the main entrance. This is because of the reason that some of the families follow a custom of providing water for the visitors to enter the home after washing the feet outside the door.

Traditional greetings and Introductions

The local people follow a custom of joining their hands and greeting their elders with the word “Namaste”, which has different meanings. People use the word as the replacement of the sentences that reflect their respect in many ways.


Physical Contact

Unlike other countries where you will follow a tradition of a hug followed by a kiss to either one cheek or both the cheeks, you cannot follow the same in India since the locals are quite conserved. They do not appreciate it if someone hugs or kisses them. The maximum level of physical contact that they accept is the hand shaking.

Business meeting.

Smoking and Alcohol

India is a country where you will get to learn about many cultures and traditions, when you travel from one place to another. Some of the religions do not prefer serving alcohol in their dining table. You will rarely find a woman smoking or drinking here since they come from the families where smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited for women.

If you plan on enjoying a smoke, then you may sometimes have to take permission from your host. The same goes for drinking. In some families you cannot expect to drink unless your host voluntarily offers it.

In India, there are many states that can help you with learning more about new cultures that has flourished there. For further queries, you can visit

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