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Chitkul village
Chitkul (altitude 3450m) is the biggest town of Baspa area. Its the last town on Hindustan-Tibet Street and also the last position until which visitors can journey without a allow. There are three wats or temples of regional Goddess Mathi in the town. The Visitor homes are right on the stream Baspa and within achieve of the snow-clad mountains. The helpful mountains welcome individuals for hiking. It is a very picturesque position and Baspa stream provides perfect circumstances for sportfishing for those fascinated. Its range from Sangla is about 24km.
Nestling almost at the end of Sangla area is the pastoral town of Chitkul, at an elevation of 3450 metres on the right financial institution of River Baspa. The position has an unrivaled atmosphere of relaxed atmosphere. Chitkul has just a inhabitants of a little over 600 only. There are 3 wats or temples of regional goddess Mathi, the primary ones are said to have been designed about 500 decades ago. The Kagyupa forehead has a greatly regarded old picture of the Shakyamuni Buddha, a Rim of Lifestyle mandala and four Online Leaders on either part of the entrance. Chitkul is essentially the last factor of the popular Kinner Kailash Parikrama as one can problem a increase from here forward. After one goes across over the 5,242 m great Charang Successfully pass, it is a lengthy and extreme run down through slithery scree hills to Chitkul . The extremely effective goddess of Chitkul is the only non-Buddhist deity to which regard must be compensated by the Parikrama pilgrims. It is considered that the regional Deity is relevant to the Deity of Gangotri and until lately the residents would bring the Deity to Gangotri on feet over great hill goes.
Chitkul does not provides much and is mostly frequented from Sangla as a day journey and one can protect the towns of Batseri, the invisible heaven Rakcham, Mastarang on the way to this position.


Chhitkul is abnormally cool during the cool months months season and enjoyable in summer time. Being dry area, it gets no monsoon down pours and hence, perfect for check out and hiking from May to Nov. Large wollens during the cool months months season seasons and mild wollens during the cool months months season seasons are suggested.

Sangla Karcham Road

Chitkul Primary Attractions
Karchham: Sangla Karcham RoadThe N.H.22 that follows the old Hindustan-Tibet path goes previous the towns of Jeoti, Wangtu, Tapri and Karchham. Karchham is situated on the conflux of the Satluj and Baspa waterways, which is the begin of the stunning Baspa or Sangla area.
Sangla Valley: also known as Baspa area, is by far the most wonderful area of Kinnaur. It begins from Karchham-1,999m where the Baspa River, arriving from the eastern connects the Satluj stream. The way for Baspa Valley divisions off from Hindustan – Tibet road at the stream 4 way stop and after switching southern, goes across the Satluj over a link to achieve Karchham. The way then veers southern eastern to reach Chitkul via Sangla.
Kumru: The town of Kumru is huge group of homes and is enclosed by areas and orchards. The primary checkpoint of Kumru has an picture of Buddha whose delights must be desired before arriving into the town limits.
Rakchham: It is situated about 13-km on the way to Chhikul from Sangla, on the right financial institution of the Baspa stream and is popular for its spectacular elegance.
Trekking in Chitkul : The Morang-Chhitkul journey via Charang Successfully pass (5266m) is a method journey of the Kinnaur Kailash and Phawarang Massifs. The pathway goes through the Tirung Gad area and goes across Charang Successfully pass to achieve Chhitkul in Baspa area.
HOW TO achieve Chitkul
Air: Shimla is the closest airport terminal.
Rail: Nearest railroad leads Shimla filter evaluate Kalka wide evaluate.
Road: Coaches, Jeeps and cabs are available at Shimla Rampur and Peo.
Chitkul Accommodation
Chhitkul has no stores and the only housing is a primary PWD relax home or the Wood Trekking Camping, which provides relaxed camp tents and foods.

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