The Best River Cruises In Europe


Titan’s river cruises have never been more popular, and it’s easy to understand why – on one of their cruises, you can enjoy some of the River Cruises In Europe having the most enchanting scenery from the deck of a luxury ship and visit towns, castles and palaces that feature in some of the continent’s most significant historic tales.

The best thing about a river cruise is that you don’t miss a thing, with plenty of time to take in the view as the ship travels slowly onwards.

Here are four of Europe’s most enticing rivers for cruising holidays, along which a plethora of historic sites and stunning vistas await.

River Cruises In Europe : The Rhine

Steeped in myth and legend, a cruise on the Rhine is one of the most magical in Europe.

Winding over 830km from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the river has always featured prominently in the Europe’s history and story books.

The majority of the river snakes through Germany, and it is here that ships embark on adventures through lands of medieval castles and vineyards.

Explore the city of Cologne with its majestic cathedral, stroll through the narrow streets of historic Koblenz, and boat along the canals of Strasbourg.

River Cruises In Europe : The Douro

In terms of natural, wild beauty, river cruises don’t get any better than those along the Douro of Portugal.

Rolling hills adorned with sleepy villages, sprawling vineyards and verdant meadows line the route between the Spanish boarder and coastal town of Porto on the Iberian Peninsula.

This tranquil trip is all about laying back and enjoying the scenery, with meadows filled with wild flowers in spring and the vineyards decorated with gold and auburn during autumn.

One of the oldest wine regions in the world, there is plenty of opportunity to sample local tipples on a cruise, with vineyard tours aplenty.

Explore the cobbled, gleaming streets of Spanish Salamanca, enjoy the vistas on the stint through the Douro Valley, and explore the UNESCO world heritage city of Porto.

River Cruises In Europe : The Danube

Longest of the European rivers, the Danube winds through ten countries making it the perfect river cruise for those seeking diversity and adventure: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine – travel from some of Europe’s beat loved cities to some of its best kept secrets.

With the fertile banks of the river having served as the perfect place to settle for pioneers throughout history, a cruise will take you past a number of captivating cities including Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and the German city of Nuremberg.

For folklore, culture and enchanting forests, this river cruise is the perfect choice.

River Cruises In Europe : The Rhone

The south of France has been the inspiration for countless artists, its colours and landscape featuring in the work of Monet and Van Gogh amongst many others.

For those with an artistic, romantic temperament, this is a river cruise to quench the imagination and inspire.

Cruising through Provence and Burgundy, expect breathtaking vistas, a sumptuous pallet of colours and story-book villages.

Buy fresh bread and cheese at the outdoor markets in Tauron, visit the Roman ruins in Lyon, and take a walking tour through Avignon, City of Popes.