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Explore Top 5 Places in the World for Best Tea

Do you know how tea came into this world? Well, there is a very interesting story behind it. As per a legend, around 2737 BC, a Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting under a tree and his servant was boiling drinking water. While this was going on, some leaves from the tree above fell into the boiling water and created the first ever cup of tea. Since this glorious day, tea has become one of the most consumed and highly craved for item around the world.

China and India are two countries in the world that are known for consuming and producing tea on a very high scale. Markedly, they can’t do without their everyday chai! So, if you are a genuine tea lover and are willing to explore the various types, flavours and aromas of this beverage, then read on to find the top 5 places in the world that produces best tea.


Assam is known as the largest tea-producing state of India and is famous for its malty black tea which has a very robust and likeable taste. Assam proudly exhibits it’s beautiful acres of tea estates that produce the CTC (crush, tear and curl) variety of tea and one of the famous examples for the same would be the black tea. This region also cultivates small quantities of white and green tea.

There are two seasons of harvesting Assam tea; the first flush is around March and the second one which is more prized is picked when the leaves get a golden-tip. You can explore these estates in Upper Assam and Southern Barak Valley. This state is home to a small city, Jorhat, which is known as the tea capital of the world as it is the main centre of tea cultivation. So, a vacation to Assam is incomplete without a visit to one of these tea estates and their adjoining factory. If you want to experience the best tea harvesting, visit this place in mid May to June end.


Known as the birthplace of tea, China is the proud owner of a variety of aromatic and healthy range of teas. Hangzhou in China is famous for producing the premium range of tea called Longjing Tea. This type has been acknowledged with the esteemed Gong Cha or Imperial Tea status. Longjing tea is a yellow-green tea which is pan-roasted immediately after the picking process to stop oxidation and is kept in traditional clay pots. This tea village can be visited for taking a tour to the tea fields and for tasting.


Concealed in God’s own country, Kerala, the hill station of Munnar houses more than 50 lush green tea plantations. Going back to 1870’s, the Kanan Devan Hills in this region were cultivated for tea by the British and many more tea estates date back to that time. Travelling 40 kilometres from Munnar, you will reach Kolukkumalai at a height of 7,900 feet which is known to be the highest tea plantation in the world.

Munnar also exhibits the first Tea Museum of India located at the Nullatanni tea estate. This place is perfect for endowing yourself with knowledge about the history of tea and its processing through ages. The best time to visit Munnar would be from August to May. If you plan to visit Munnar, book cheap flight to Chennai and then take a road trip to reach your destination.

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Darjeeling is the most popular hill station in West Bengal and is accountable for nearly 25 percent of India’s tea production. Darjeeling tea is one shade lighter than Assam tea and has a more exquisite aroma to it. Known as the champagne of teas, Darjeeling tea has many variants like green, black, oolong and white. In contrast to assam tea, Darjeeling tea gets harvested five times in a year and has an outcome which is best in quality in terms of colour and flavour. This place is home to more than 85 operational tea gardens which makes it one of the best places to try tea in India.

Sri Lanka

The Emerald Isle of Sri Lanka houses acres of vivacious green tea plantations, making this place a must-visit. Tea is one of the backbone of Sri Lanka’s economy making this place the fourth largest producer of tea and one of the main exporters. The centre of tea production in Sri Lanka is Kandy but there are other regions like Nuwara Eliya, Badulla and more that also produces tea in large quantities. The most popular beverage is the Ceylin black tea but it also produces small quantities of green and white tea as well. One of the country’s known brands is Dilmah and its headquarters is located outside Colombo where you can have the tea tasting experience.

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