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Agra – More Than Just A Historical Site

Agra plays host to a wide number of ancient architectural brilliance which is often an oversight to many travellers due to the majestic aura of the great Taj Mahal. This article talks about how Agra is much more than just the city that the Taj Mahal is built in and also acts as a guide to tourists or first-time travellers in this popular tourist destination

The realm to one of the seven wonders of the world, Agra is definitely one of the most sought after tourist destination in india. Located in a convenient location of about 200 km from Delhi, this is one of the first and the most anticipated visit of the tourists on their visit to india. Although there are many places and sites of tourist attractions in and around Agra, The majestic Taj Mahal stands out from the crowd and is the forerunner of the tourist attractions in Agra.

There are millions of travellers and tourists who visit every year and rightly so, tourism is the main contributor to its economy. And due to the huge number of visitors each year it is important you book your hotels prior to your visit if you want to stay in a place of your preference and convenience. You could simply check the listings of the hotels in Agra with tariffs and book the one that fits your budget or purpose. Tourist sighting is nothing new in Agra which has both a positive and a negative impact for the tourists themselves. The positive being, since this part sees a lot of tourists, communication is not much of a problem. The locals knows enough English to carry on their business and the tourists too do not have a hard enough communicating as opposed to the other parts of India. You could also get help from anyone who understands English and request them to translate the conversation back and forth. The downside to this however is, since there are outsiders everyday, there is no checking in the price and the business owners or vendors or even the auto rickshaw drivers charge you much more than they are supposed to. Souvenirs and handicrafts are sold at double their price and with good bargaining skills you could buy it a half the price than they initially quoted. It is always helpful to have a friend from India who speaks fluent Hindi to help you in bargaining. And then comes the transport. The autodrivers in this area will demand you much more than what it would actually cost you so it is advisable to negotiate the fare before you get into an auto, or just book a cab from your mobile app which runs on electronic meters.

Aguada Fortgoa

The visit to Agra does not begin and end with the Taj Mahal. Although the main purpose of going to Agra is undoubtedly to see the Taj Mahal, still there are so many beautiful forts and monuments of the Mughal era where emperors made Agra their canvas to showcase their architectural talents and passion. These extreme fine art and extreme detailing are sites to be witnessed and appreciated. But keep in mind that Taj Mahal and all these monuments have certain opening and closing timings and are closed on some days. It is always important to plan trip and book your tickets and hotels prior. There are many budget friendly and cheap hotels in Agra, and another reason to book your hotel rooms prior is that during peak rush days, these hotel owners tend to spike up the rates of the hotels rooms when the demand is high and you end up paying much more than you would.

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