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9 Best Cruise Destination Of India

Imagine yourself surrounded by blue waters. You are on holiday away from the city rush. The music of waves, soothing to your ears. Everything peaceful and calm. Looking around and up towards the open sky, everything comes as a marvelous scenery. This is what you will get on a cruise holiday.  If you want to soak yourself in the beauty of places along the riverside, Cruise is ready for you. Confuse to choose your cruise destination? We are happy to help you. Check this list of amazing places to be visited on the cruise.

Amazing and Best 9 Cruise Destination of India

1. Kerala – Among the popular cruise destination of India the backwaters of Kerala is the one. Hire a houseboat, sailing in it will make you feel nature by heart. You can look at the traditional rice cultivating villages of India. The backwater cruises offer you to have real and tasty South Indian cuisine. You can get a stay along the riverside, with beautiful sites there will be sounds of turtles, frogs, kingfishers etc.

2. Goa–  Goa is famous for its gorgeous beaches. Put a comma as here you can have the best sea cruises. On the cruise, you will have entertainment in proper Goan style. Down the Mandovi River into the Zuari Bay, you can enjoy the romantic sunset with your partner. The river water becomes luminous. Have famous wine of Goa with the buffet. In the moonlight, you can dance on the song mix with the rhythm and music of water

3.The Andaman Islands – If you have a deep interest in watching the life inside water go on a glass bottom cruise. Andaman is a fantastic place for those who love beaches. Board on the cruise and look bottom. You will get to see colorful corals. That view is spectacular around Jolly Buoy & Neil Island.

4. Sunderbans – If you are a nature lover and fond of adventures in everything, visit Sunderban mangrove forest through winding rivers of the largest delta. On a cruise in Sunderbans, you will witness the breathtaking beauty of the Tiger reserve. The Boat cruise in Sunderban is actually a riverine bliss.

5. Brahmaputra River– One of the major rivers of Asia, The Brahmaputra in India offers you an incredible river journey. Sailing on a cruise you can explore the captivating side of India. With spectacular views, you will pass by the rural villages, gorgeous bird life. The best part is spotting the Gangetic Dolphins rolling up and down. Cruise on board serves mouthwatering cuisines too.

6. Ganga River– The holy and divine river Ganga looks beautiful when you sail through it in a boat. Cruise between Kolkata and Farakka will let you experience to amazing and historical views. You will feel as you are back to the history and culture of bygone eras. The whole way has monumental spots in the small villages and towns. You will pass by them.

7. Chilka Lake- Very few people know about the beauty of Chilka Lake in Odisha state. About 60 km away from Puri, this lake in the Bay of Bengal is a popular spot among birdwatchers. Take a boat ride and sail through the largely spread blue water. You can see many migratory birds like herons, falcons, spot-billed pelicans. To watch Dolphins stop at Rajahamsa Beach.

8. Cochin – At Cochin, you can enjoy the cruise journey with beautiful weather. Here you can get a variety of cruises. That you can choose as per your stay duration and budget. You will get traditional cuisines on-board.

9. Dibru- Saikhowa – It is a National Park in Assam where you can have the best adventure getaway for water-wildlife. Enjoy the glimpse of rare and endemic species like a white-winged duck, bright colored horses, slow loris and much more, sitting in your cruise boat.

Already excited to explore India through large water bodies? If you are tired of scorching sun and fire like temperature, go for a pleasant vacation on a cruise.

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