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7 Best Places to Visit in Canary Island

The Canary Island is an archipelago, means the group of islands, in Spain. Each island is having its own feature. They encompass dense forests, volcanoes, tropical weather on one and snowfall on other islands. These islands are formed by ancient volcanoes and the winds from the Sahara Desert shaped it.  A trip to the Canary Islands is a bucket full of surprises with its beauty all around. With so much to explore you might get confused, here is the solution with the list of things you can do in the Canary Island.

7 Best Places to Visit in Canary Island

  1. Timanfaya National Park

Located on Lanzarote Island, this Spanish National park is made of volcanic soil. It is spread on the vast land area of about 51 kilometers. This National park is home to different species of delicate flora and fauna. The best way to explore this park is through Camel Ride.

  1. Papagayo Beach

The beautiful white sand beach on Lanzarote Island looks attractive with its crystal clear and emerald color water. You can spend your day here with lots of fun activities. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling and jet skiing. You can even relax here with the sounds of waves soothing your soul.

  1. Teide National Park

Located on the Tenerife, largest island of Canary, Teide National Park is on Mount Teide. The Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and one of the largest volcanoes in the world. This park has diverse plant species with a large number of invertebrate fauna. You can get an amazing view through the cable car.

  1. Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Located on the south coast of Gran Canaria island, Maspalomas Sand Dunes offers you the stunning view. Spread over 400 hectares of land this sand dune supports life to many rare plant species. To explore this vast dune, you can cross by foot or by a ride on a camel.

  1. Lobos Island

It is a small island situated off the coast of Fuerteventura. You can reach this island by a ferry ride from Corralejo. The azure water with mountain view offers tranquility with serene beauty. Apart from nature’s beauty, this beautiful island is home to exclusive bird species. To add adventure to your trip, night camping is the option. Gazing stars in the stunning beauty of the night with crystalline water, fresh air, and calm atmosphere will make you feel like paradise. Well for this you need authorization.

  1. Santa Cruz

The capital city of La Palma island, Santa Cruz is famous for its architecture of long back eras, clean with design cobbled streets, and busy ports. You can see beautiful houses in the streets with colorful balconies. There are museums you can visit, you will get to see the art collection and the exhibits of natural history and the culture too.

  1. Garajonay National Park

Located in La Gomera Island one Canary, Garajonay National Park is a World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO in 1986. This park has a dense forest, housing large number of endemic flora- fauna species. The massive rocks on this island are other major attraction, they are actually old dormant volcanoes that have suffered erosion.

Among many islands on the Canary Island, you can choose any one. None of them will disappoint you.


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