7 Traditional Markets of India: Explore the Indian Marketplace

traditional markets

There are many markets that showcase India’s rich culture and herita ge. We are not talking about the usual street market. We are focusing on the traditional markets that reflect the culture of the place it is located at. Here is some popular traditional markets of India

7 Popular and Tradional Markets Of India

1.Johari Bazaar, Jaipur –

Quite obvious from the name, this market of Jaipur is a hub of Rajasthani jewelry. A variety of Jewelry like Kundan, Meenakari, Thewa, and Polki is available here. Not only this, you can get here the precious stone work as well. How about shopping clothes with jewelry? This market is the best place to have Rajasthani style clothes with bandhej and leheria design. Bed sheets with block print and Jaipuri Rajai are the things you can get here. This market has everything you need to buy.

2.    Dilli Haat, New Delhi –

Dilli Haat is an establishment by Government of India in the year 1994. The purpose of building this market is to encourage tourism and promotion of India’s various heritage. This Dilli Haat has branches at many locations of Delhi too. Here inside, you will have handicrafts and other traditional market from all over India. The eateries there, are from various states of India. They offer special and lip smacking dishes of their region.

3.    Ima Market, Imphal –

This market is famous as the only market in the world where over 3500 women shopkeepers run their business.  This signifies the empowerment and economic participation of women. Ima market has another name, Mother’s market. Here you can get everything. Whether it is authentic food items like dry fish and local herbs or the clothes, woolens, and traditional costume, come to buy at this place.  There is one more section where you can get the handloom products of this state.

4.Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla –

Shimla has an abundance of different types of wood. You can get many products like toys, souvenirs, utility items and wooden jewelry, all made of woods. Apart from this many shops are there selling woolens and handicrafts. The famous one is Kullu Shawls.

5.Floating Vegetable Market, Srinagar-

The floating market of Srinagar is the major tourist attraction. Vegetable vendors come for their business on their boat, called ‘shikara’. Now being a tourist attraction, the vendor sells saffron, wood carvings and other items that can interest tourists.

6.New Market, Kolkata –

In contrast to its name, this New Market of Kolkata is much old. Established under British Rule in the year 1874. You can find many things to buy here. There is a numerous variety of shops with four different sections according to their product category. One section is for fruit cake, another is for traditional sarees and other dresses and accessories. You can get household things too.

7.Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad –

This market at Chaar Minar looks colorful and glorified with the bangles and jewelry in shops. This market is known as Choodi Bazaar. This ancient market has more than 100 shops selling bangles. In evening these traditional markets shines with the color of bangles.
If you are shopaholic person or by chance if you are visiting these place, do not forget to walk around the shops of these traditional markets.


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