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11 Tips for Solo Travelling

Planning to travel in a group sometimes remains a plan only. If the plan is ready for execution, a member always back out last moment, some do not get leaves. Few member does not agree with the location you want to travel. It will frustrate you at the end. Why don’t you plan to travel alone? Having own company will not let you depend on someone. In fact, sometimes it is good to solo travelling. It is not selfishness. The ‘me’ time is needed in order to reflect on your life.
Now you are thinking, you will get bore, eating alone at restaurants will be awkward. Safety is another concern of solo travelling. Don’t worry we will tell you how you can enjoy your own company that too in a safe manner.

11 Tips To Enjoy Solo Travelling

1. Make Prior Bookings – The very first thing you need to do before solo travelling is pre-bookings. Yes, book your hotel room. You can get tour packages. You will go for a hassle free trip.

2. Realize InnerĀ Strength – If you are friendly and frank in nature, you can talk to anyone without hesitation. Being at a place where you can barely speak will make you uncomfortable. Always chose a destination where language will not be a problem for you.
In contrast, for an introvert person, it is good to travel to a place where the language is totally different. It will influence positively watching different cultures and people around.

3. Capture Moments – Click everything you see. Even if it is a little thing. Later on watching photographs will keep your memories fresh. Your family and friends will appreciate your thoughts and story of your journey.

4. Eat Freely – Eating alone at a restaurant doesn’t sound good to you. For this don’t keep yourself on snacks and fast food diet. Come out of the shyness. Lively and pleasant places are superb to eat alone. Waiters happily serve to the solo traveler.

5. Start Early– Remember you are not traveling to sleep late in a hotel. You are there to explore. Get up early, have breakfast and step out of the hotel. Visit museums, monuments, parks and other day time activity places.

6. Enjoy the Freedom – While traveling alone you can do what you want. You can plan according to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you make a sudden change in trip. You get all freedom if you are a solo traveller.

7. Don’t Immerse yourself in Books – It is good to read novels engaging yourself. Some use this as a weapon to hide from the curious stares of local people. Don’t do this. This is the time to interact with different people. Be confident and introduce yourself to people.It is the best time to socialize.

8. Learn a Little Local Language – Learn few essential words or phrases before you visit to a place. Knowing few words, introducing yourself in local words will make you comfortable. Looking to your efforts, localities will find it interesting to interact with you.

9. Find your Friends – Interact and make friends at the place you are visiting. You can get a host for lunch or dinner and a company. People like to be a tour guide, giving details of their area.

10. Carry Your Essentials – Do not forget to carry all your essentials.You cannot borrow from unknown people. To avoid any inconvenience make a checklist.

11. Saftey Matter – Traveling solo needs more safety concerns. Keep in mind few things. If you are in a big city, stay cautious during night out. Keep eyes on your valuables. Be alert of local frauds. Carry contact details of your near and dear ones in a separate diary.

Eager to go for a solo trip now? Keep these points in your mind, take out the fear inside you. You are going to experience something new and meaningful.

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