Weekend Getaways from Mumbai for Fun


Along with the musical sound of the monsoon, the southern hill stations attract tourists from distant regions. Hill Stations in Maharashtra visitors flocking witnesses place to witness nature at its best. In addition, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala also serve as a great weekend getaways to celebrate the monsoon. Here are some of the destinations that you could visit and enjoy the rain with family, friends and special.

Kaas Plateau
Kaas Plateau : Maharashtra’s Valley of flowers, Kaas Plateau, Satara district is located. This place becomes alive during the monsoon might witness blooming wildflowers. About 1,500 varieties of flowers are recorded to be on set. You can visit here during the months of August to October and September, might see birds like Malabar Crested Lark and Eagle’s Bonnel.
Tapola : This destination is located at a distance of 25 kms from Mahabaleshwar. This place is highly recognized as the meeting point of the river and the river Koyna Solshi. From here you can also take pleasure in viewing the picturesque Sahyadris. People looking for an adventurous weekend, the hamlet of Tapola is the destination that you might enjoy activities such as trekking and outdoor camping. Moreover, you can also visit, Vasota Fort and Koyna Nagarr.
Dudhsagar Falls, Goa
Dudhsagar Falls, Goa: For a weekend getaway during the monsoon, you can visit Dudhsagar Falls, which comes alive during monsoon and therefore becomes a must-visit destination. The place gets its name from the dialect of Konkani, which means “sea of ​​milk”. 600m waterfall offers a breathtaking view of onlookers. Adjacent, there are different pools that make this the perfect destination to enjoy a fun filled day.
Lonar LakeLonar : Lonar Lake is in Maharashtra, which was created by a meteorite impact. This lake is located in Buldana. This lake has a description, even in ancient scripts such as Aaina-i-Akbari, Padma Purana and Skanda Puran.
Karnala: Karnala is the sought for bird watchers. In winter, you might spot abundant migratory birds, but monsoon is regarded as an ideal time to identify resident species Paradise Flycatcher, magpie robin, and Malabar whistling thrush. Adventure seekers will also find this place as huge attraction they might opt ​​for trekking session.
Bhandardara : Bhandardara is a haven for tourists because of the green lush mountains and roaring waterfalls. Apart from leisure to Arthur Lake and Wilson Dam, might take pleasure in climbing Mount Kalsubai (1646 m altitude)
Mulshi : The proximity to Pune, Mulshi is considered the best weekend getaway to break the monotony of life and take a relaxing break from hectic schedule. If Mulshi Dam, you attract more, you can visit Pala waterfall. The Ghats during monsoon Tamahini are worth visiting.