Traveling Scotland: a quick Travel Guide to capital


For adults the whisky expertise may be a must; whether or not or not you think that you prefer whisky! The hour long tour offers you a full history of Scotland’s national drink followed, in fact by a wee dram.

If John Barleycorn very isn‘t for you then you would possibly need to pay your time searching on the Royal Mile, or enjoying dinner at one in every of the cities several Michelin marked restaurants. you’ll attempt native delicacies like dish (which comes deep cooked from chip shops) beef beef and therefore the marvellous Salmon.

What to See in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has some iconic landmarks and attractions to see and the castle, which looms above the city, is by far the most famous. It has been a military stronghold, a royal residence, a centre of court, the birthplace of kings and queens and the home to murders. Its history, architecture and art make for an incredible afternoon out and you absolutely can’t miss it.

From the castle you can take a stroll down the Royal Mile to see medieval Edinburgh at its finest; from the medieval facades to the luxury shops. From here you could consider taking a stroll up Arthur’s Seat to see some of the best views of Edinburgh. The city was built on volcanic hills and Arthur’s Seat boasts a museum explaining the geological make up and panoramic views to take your breath away.

These are the best things to see but there’s also the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Scottish National Gallery, the Royal Yacht Britannia and a cornucopia of architectural, cultural and historical splendours to see.

What to Do in Edinburgh

While the sights are incredible, it’s what you can do in Edinburgh that truly makes the city shine. A must stop is the Camera Obscura museum which offer 360° views of the city and a fun museum featuring the best optical illusions in the world.

For adults the Scotch Whisky Experience is a must; whether or not you think you like whisky! The hour long tour gives you a full history of Scotland’s national drink followed, of course by a wee dram.

If whisky really isn’t for you then you might want to spend some time shopping along the Royal Mile, or enjoying dinner at one of the cities many Michelin starred restaurants. You can try local delicacies like haggis (which comes deep fried from chip shops) Aberdeen Angus beef and the wonderful Salmon.

Edinburgh is a city awash with activities and you’ll find everything your heart could desire within the centre and its environs!

When to travel and obtaining There
Edinburgh {is stunning|is gorgeous} year-around however somewhat cold within the winter months! within the summer the town is commonly bathed in beautiful sun that brings out the hills and therefore the medieval streets.

But, within the winter, the town takes on a comfy glow wherever the atmosphere, whisky, and food give a real style of Scottish charm.

You should conjointly take into account change of integrity capital in one in every of its 2 biggest celebrations annually – New Year’s Eve and therefore the capital Fringe competition. New Year’s Eve is astonishing in capital with a huge street party, raucous singing of old Lang Syne and therefore the most stunning fireworks show that lights up the castle and therefore the town. It’s a magic time to go to and a large quantity of fun.

The capital Fringe competition may be a slightly totally different affair and therefore the largest cultural competition within the world. It boasts nearly 3000 performances of plays, stand-up comedy and shows across 3 weeks of spirited street parties and fairs. There ar events all day a day and an out of this world atmosphere across the town.

Getting to capital is sort of straightforward and not too big-ticket. you’ll fly from all Britain airports for fewer than £50 come or take a sleeper train from London or the South. There ar nice accommodation choices throughout the town with world category hotels. We’d suggest capital residences for one thing a lot of budget friendly or a house rental if you’re in an exceedingly huge cluster. where you decide on to remain capital are going to be an out of this world vacation and lots of fun.