Tourist Places in Beypore


Tourist Places in Beypore

If you’re fed up with your busy lifestyle and want to discover a relaxing place where you are able to forget all of your worries and indulge in the nature’s serenity, then Beypore is the spot to be. Beypore is 10 kms south of Kozhikode (Kerela) and located atthe mouth of river Chaliyar. It’s highly popular for the ship building industry. The shipbuilders you can find locally referred to as “Khalasis” and have an enormous market because of their end product in the Middle Eastern countries. It is really a fishing harbour. Beaches, bridges built of stone and backwaters will be the highlights of the place. Best time to go to the spot is following the monsoon that’s between July and September.


Beypore Beach: Referring to a invest Kerela and not speaking about the beaches present there’s like having a nice without sugar. Undoubtedly Beypore beach is the key attraction of Beypore. As soon as you look at the beach you’ll for certain have the exact same opinion.

Beypore Port: Beypore port serves to the Lakshwadeep and is crucial to watch.

Beypore Lighthouse

Beypore LighthouseThe lighthouse of Beypore features a highly popular tourist attraction. The view of the lights emerging from the lighthouse in the night time is merely mystical. And so tourists visit the spot both through the day and the night.

Beypore Harbour

Beypore Harbour

If you like marine life then Beypore harbour is the spot to be. You are able to witness the fishermen catching fishes. You may also see many different fishes.

Pulimuttu Bridge

Pulimuttu is really a 2 km long bridge which consists of stones piled together and stretches creating a pathway in to the sea. This bridge is recognized as as a master little bit of this city. The bridge is decorated with lots of lights. There is an excellent arrangement of benches where you are able to sit and take pleasure in the waves of the sea.

Traditional Boat (Urus)

“Uru” is a ship which is manufactured out of teak and jackfruit timber by the craftsmen of Kerela. These boats are regarded as being the essence of its craft. It has turned into a popular tourist attraction. It’s regarded as being, “the Arabian trading vessel”

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi is recognized as to be always a paradise for the birdwatchers because they are many different migratory along with local birds found here. It’s spread over several islands. The river Kadalundi flows through it in to the Arabian Sea. And therefore it got its name out of this river. February or March are regarded as being the most effective months to be here since it is during this period that large quantity of migratory birds could be seen.

Beypore Festival

The Beypore festival is organized in order to promote industrial, cultural and tourism in the region. It can be an Exhibition-cum-shopping festival which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. It is really a 1 week long exhibition. The festival spirits are increased by entertainment programs. Though the highlight of the exhibition may be the tasty Malabar food. The festival is held in the month of December or January.

Nevertheless it won’t be wrong to call the Beypore as “the glorious port of old Malabar&rdquo ;.