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Top 8 Places to Visit in Mirik

Mirik is the very famous tourist spot in Darjeeling; it is rich in natural beauty and is known to be one of the best places that are perfect to get away from the stress and tensions of city life. The name of this beautiful place is derived from Lepcha and means a place burnt by fire. IT has gained its popularity due to the climatic, easy accessibility and natural beauty. This is also a place that you can consider if you want to go for a single day out of town for a change.

For travelling around, there are three wheelers and rickshaws apart from tourist cars which are available for hire and are driven by the local people. You can also avail the facility of a tourist guide. This is a facility that is mostly provided by the hotels on request. Mirik is a place which is located right at the banks of a huge lake and is Amidst the Himalayan Valley. While there are various kinds of tourist’s attractions, however the hills and natural surroundings is what really catches the eye of the people.

Accommodation and Cuisine in Mirik

The local cuisine has a rich Bengali Culture that influences it, and a few specialties that is a must eat would include Thukp which is a special kind of soup, Hakka noodles and also various other Tibetan dishes. Not only is this place a perfect romantic get away, it is also a place that can really mesmerize you and help you to relax. If you are looking for that ME time, this is one of the places that you should think about.  The accommodation facilities here include various kinds of lodges and guest houses.  Most of the places are located near the different markets especially in the area of KrishnaNagar and at high altitudes you also have a couple of resorts.

A few places that is a must see out here would include

Sumendu Lake

The Mirik Lake

The Sumendu Lake is known to be the center of attraction. On one side of the lake you will see a beautiful garden while on the other side there are pine trees. Both the sides are linked with an arching bridge called Indreni Pull which means the Rainbow Bridge and is a foot bridge.  Here you can take a horse ride or even go on the boat. You can also go and visit the Devisthan which a Hindu temple that is located at the hillock closes to the lake.

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Bokar Chokhor Ling Mona

Bokar Monastery

Else known as the Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery, this is said to be one of the most peaceful places and is also the home to around 500 monks who have dedicated and devoted their time to practicing, sustain and studying the various teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Founded in 1984 by Bokar Rinpoche, it was initially a retreat center and eventually started training monks. His is also one of the most visited places not just by monks but also by tourists.

Pasupati Market Mirik

Pashupati Nagar

This is a market that is located very close to the border of Nepal; here you will find clothes and cosmetics that have been imported from Thailand. Due to the fact that this is located at a very sensitive zone, there is a high level of security present.  This place actually falls under Nepal and the only people who are allowed to get across the border are Nepalese and Indians. For foreigners to cross the border permission is needed.

Rameetay Dhara

Rameetay Dhara

Ramitey Dara means a hill top that has an excellent view. Located at Deosay Dara hill, it is known to be one of the most peaceful places that are perfect for a time off from everything. It is not just a romantic place however one of the most visit places for film shootings is also.  The view is said to be majestic and gives you the benefit of seeing Teesta River right from the top.  From KrishnaNagar it is a 10 minutes drive and a 30 minutes’ walk.

Orange Garden

Else known as the Mirik Busty Orange Garden, this is one of the most important places in Mirik. The hill station has earned its reputation for providing oranges that are of high quality. This is another place that you must stop to see.  In the region, Mirik is said to be one of the biggest suppliers of Oranges.  If you get lucky, you will not just get to see the orange trees, however you can also get to see them bloom completely. At that time, the place will look like there are various bulbs that are made from oranges.


Another major tourist attraction, this is another place that one must see when they are in Mirik. The Sumendu Lake is located very close to this city. Here you will also get to various kinds of accommodations that can fit your budget. Here there are various places that you can visit and lots of things to do. Places like Rajbari, the Roman Catholic Church, Mayapur are a must see while you are here

Mirik Tea Gardens

If you are visiting Mirik, your trip to the tea estate is something that has to be included in your itinerary.  The Valley of Mirik is not only breathtaking however it is also covered with tea bushes. Throughout the year, workers can be seen watering the bushes and picking out the leaves which are ripe.  You also have the benefit of talking a walk though the beautiful gardens. This place is so peaceful that it makes you feel really fresh and energized.


This is a place that is yet to be explored and is very elusive it is also considered to be Mirik’s agricultural hub. To go here, a car would be needed and within a few minutes you will find yourself in the hillside village which reflects a lot authenticity. There are a lot of empty spans of land, fishers and farm land that is more than enough to mesmerize anybody.

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