Things to do in Lakshadweep


Things to do in Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep also known as the paradise on earth has a lot to offer its visitors. Here tourists from different parts of the world and regain some memorable moments spent with family members and friends. People can enjoy free time in the pristine sand of the beaches wonderful and can come across the beauty of unspoiled nature. The wide variety of marine life, corals and reefs make the beach and the water surrounding the ideal place for diving and snorkeling. The resorts of the host island numerous adventure activities such as deep sea fishing, overnight stay on a boat floating in the sea and many other things that can certainly enhance the experience of a holiday in this fantastic place.

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Lakshadweep Watersports
The endless stretch of golden sand that pave the way for frivolous ocean waves, endless stretches of blue lagoons and coral reefs from the Arabian Sea prying play the perfect role for invite tourists for some bone chilling water sports in Lakshadweep . Swimming and snorkeling and diving are likely to explore the underwater world. Adventure options like jet skis and parasailing has also provided Lakshadweep become a popular water sports destination in India. Several institutes offering facilities for kayaking, canoeing, sailing, diving, windsurfing, water skiing and cruising have been created by the department of tourism of the island Kadmat.
Lakshadweep Islands

Transport and accommodation
Lakshadweep is well connected by air and water. Here, only Agatti Island includes a domestic flights airport regularly ply between Kochi (formerly Cochin) and Agatti. Flight time is about an hour and a half and people can even choose to go for water. There are several passenger carriers plying between Lakshadweep and Kochi and also include accommodation for all kinds of people, equipped with modern amenities. It takes approximately 18-20 days to reach Lakshadweep by ship. Travel schedules transport ships vary due to bad weather at sea.
Lakshadweep is one of the favorite tourist destinations have a wide range of accommodation options, from where people can easily opt for something that suits your personal preferences and your budget. Some of the major resorts and hotels in this island include Bangaram Island Resort, Agatti Island Beach Resort and Beach Resort Kadmat to name a few.