Places For Excellent Vacation In November Month


 November could be a shift season, once the leaves of the crowns of the trees cowl the forest trails with various layers of colors and therefore the wild animals brace oneself for the winter. however that is solely in some components on Earth. There also are places, wherever the sunshine in Nov still continues to beat down the seductive sandy beaches and therefore the blue waters of the waves tempt you by uncounted water sports and attractions. So, what does one want for AN persistent vacation in November? perhaps lots of outside activities, a refreshing wind within the afternoons, various fascinating places to go to, exquisite hotels with miracle restaurants or the tranquility of nature, for instance. But, what does one want for a extremely special and persistent vacation in Nov? the highest ten places wherever to pay a good vacation in November, of course. Here they’re.

1. Tenerife, Spain, Europe
Tenerife, Spain, Europe
The Spanish island of Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, which are located in the North Atlantic Ocean some 300 kilometers west of the African mainland. Tenerife is also one of the most beautiful Canary Islands, thanks to its dramatic coastal cliffs and volcanic mountains. And arguably the best places to enjoy the unique natural splendor are the luxury hotels along the coasts. Within the capital city of Tenerife – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for example, you can come across the widest choice of accommodations with plenty of modern amenities and fabulous recreations. The swimming pools, the shadow of the palm trees and the refreshing tropical cocktails are always a tempting way to treat yourself with a wonderful sensation of elegant leisure. The views of the infinite ocean are also spectacular, especially at sunset.

2. Thassos, Greece, Europe
Thassos, Greece, Europe
The Greek island of Thasos is another beautiful mountainous jewel, which is surrounded by blue waters and refreshing coastal breeze, especially in November. The coastal communities offer all your comforts at lower prices, while the capital city – Thasos Town, is best for arriving with a yacht or private boat. Your fabulous vacation starts as soon as you smell the humid Mediterranean wind, as well as witness the gorgeous mountain landscaping of the island. The coastal communities are nestled in green forests, while some of them are bordered by long stretches of fine sandy beaches. Yes, the water temperature is quite cold for swimming, but the beaches are best for a relaxing or romantic walk, for example, where the only noise is evoked by the crashing waves and the singing of the seabirds.

3. Venice, Italy, Europe
Venice, Italy, Europe
One of the most famous Italian tourist destinations is the city of Venice. It holds a unique charm and charisma, which can be enjoyed through almost countless ways. However, the waterways are maybe the best choice, because Venice is famous for its numerous networks of water canals. A romantic gondola ride on Grand Canal is accompanied by the stunning views of Rialto Bridge and other famous buildings with captivating architectures, which rise just above the water. Also, make sure to visit the Piazza San Marco, which is situated on the eastern end of Grand Canal and where you can come across some of the most significant landmarks in Venice, such as the St Mark’s Basilica and Campanile. Venice is relatively less crowded in November, but you also can find completely remote and tranquil corners, which can be easily transformed into the best places for a unique romance.

4. Azores, Portugal, Europe
Azores, Portugal, Europe
All the nine islands of the Azores archipelago are appealing destinations for your relaxing transition between summer and winter. These islands consist of large islands, as well as smaller islets with only a few buildings. The cooler waters of the North Atlantic Ocean provide the best settings for fishing, while hiking might be always a great choice to spend the afternoon in a full harmony with the local flora and fauna. Well, they are abundant and captivating. In contrast, the coastal communities on the main island of Sao Miguel provide all the needed comforts and contemporary services to enjoy a really special experience. Make sure to bring your camera as well, because the dramatic rugged coasts and volcanic mountains will tempt you to make at least a couple of photos.

5. Oahu, Hawaii, United States
Oahu, Hawaii, United States
The island of Oahu is the third largest Hawaiian island, where is situated the capital city of Hawaii – Honolulu. During your vacation on the island, you can take full advantage of the warm tropical climate, which is incredibly blended to everything on the island. The average air temperature in November reaches 26 degrees Celsius, while the Waikiki beach offers plenty of settings to enjoy the coastal wind and the views of the infinite blue horizon. Yes, the touch of the sun’s rays is a touch of coziness and it will seduce you to spend a whole day on the beach or in the crystal clear turquoise water, but also make sure to visit some of the most interesting places in Hawaii. The iconic volcano formation Diamond Head and the fabulous Pearl Harbor are only two places on the south coast of Oahu that you can’t miss.

6. Goa, India, Asia
Goa, India, Asia
Goa is the smallest state of India, but it is one of the most visited states as well. And that’s normal, especially when you know that Goa is bordered by the warm blue waters of the Arabian Sea from the one side, as well as lush mountain landscapes of western India from the other side. Moreover, in between this tropical paradise you can come across plenty of long stretches of fantastic white sandy beaches, which are best for an absolute enjoyment of the humid tropical climate, the alluring sunshine, the sparkling sound of the waves and the shades of the palm trees. November marks the beginning of the dry season, while the air temperature usually reaches over 32 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the transparent water is invigorating.

7. Maine, New England, USMaine, New England, US
The most northeastern state of the U.S., Maine, offers a unique charm and natural beauty in November. The largest city is Portland, which is situated on the southern coast of Maine. There, the air temperature in November is crisp and higher than the air temperature within the northern portions of the state. However, an average temperature of 0-5 degrees Celsius provides numerous conditions for a refreshing walk with hours. And there are almost countless places to enjoy. For example, the Portland Docks can reveal much more about the charming sensation of Maine.

8. The Red Sea, Egypt, Africa
The Red Sea, Egypt, Africa
The Red Sea is the eastern border of Egypt, exactly where you can enjoy a quite exotic and great oriental vacation. The coast of Egypt is dotted by a number of resort cities with fabulous amenities and recreations, while the beaches on Red Sea are much more than an end of the desert landscaping. Due to the high salinity of the sea you can swim for about an hour while reading a newspaper, for example. Diving is another fabulous water attraction, while the sunshine will become your best friend, even in November.

9. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Las Vegas welcomes you through countless luxury accommodations, night time amusements, pool parties, exquisite restaurants and a unique colourful atmosphere. The southernmost city in the U.S. state of Nevada is also known as the “Gambling Capital in the World”. Indeed, you may need even more than a whole vacation to take full advantage of everything that Las Vegas can offer, but during your journey in November you will be embraced by a cooler and refreshing climate. Well, the nights are longer than days as well.

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asia
Dubai is probably the most irresistible and tempting place in the world, where you can enjoy the ultimate luxury vacation of your dreams. In addition, this vacation is always complemented by some of the most stunning and breathtaking vistas in the world, simply because in Dubai is situated the highest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. Right next is located one of the largest shopping malls and entertainment centers in the world, while in the waters of the Persian Gulf you can enjoy the spectacular vistas of the World Islands. And all these are only a few of the most impressive and unique features of Dubai.

Basically, November is a month, when the air temperature is lower, as well as the crowds in the hotel resorts and the prices of the hotel rooms are. The only thing you need is your good mood and passion for a relaxing vacation, a honeymoon or even just a romantic trip or for a family journey with countless adventures, for example. Furthermore, the Top 10 places to spend a great vacation in November are ten irresistible places, which can provide a really special and unforgettable experience.