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For those interested in long beautiful beaches, diving, nightlife and an international party atmosphere, the Beaches on the Island of Roatan may best suit your needs. Roatan is a popular enough destination, that it has an international airport serviced by not only the Honduran carriers, but also operators of daily flights from San Pedro Sula to Roatan, and weekly flight from Houston Texas to Roatan. Jamaica is surrounded by beautiful beaches and, of course, the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. To learn more about specific beaches on the island, visit the links below. Both coasts have beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, white sandcoral reefs and coconut palm trees. From small coves to miles of open beaches, from sensual sandy beaches to rugged coasts, from popular beaches to deserted beaches, there is a beach for you in Panama.

Deserted Beach Zapatillas Cay

Unlike much of the island’s other coastal property, the development of beach resorts has not spoiled its beautiful beaches. In Barahona, the beaches are amazing and the waters are superb, creating the perfect beach experience without the hustle and bustle of more crowded shores. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. You can access this beach by taking one of the many charter sailboats that visit the island each day.

For generations, weddings have been framed by the Emerald Coast’s beautiful beaches – WaterColor adds a fresh dimension to this tradition. Our ability to personalize weddings around your individual needs, tastes and desires – in a resort setting unparalleled in this region – has quickly positioned WaterColor as a premier wedding venue for the discriminating bride and groom. And what activities do you plan on enjoying once you get to one of the beautiful beaches? You can go snorkeling or walking along the beach. This combined with tiny particles of broken shells and bits of coral create the pink hue of Bermuda’s beautiful beaches.

St Catherine's <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>beach</strong> at St George, Bermuda

It is unusual to have a water park in an area famous for its miles of beautiful beaches. But Myrtle Beach water parks offer an exceptional bathing-suit-clad fun, and feature some of the most thrilling water slides. The above are five of Kauai’s most beautiful beaches. One could easily argue that dozens of other beaches around the island deserve to be on the list and indeed, next time they may. Santa Barbara County boasts miles and miles of supremely beautiful beaches. And your visit to Santa Barbara really can’t be said to be complete without spending some time enjoying one of Santa Barbara’s most magnificent attractions.

a surfer fell and went backwards on this wave

Puerto Rico participates in the Blue Flag program, which may be familiar to some of the island’s European visitors. This system only endorses beaches that meet rigorous standards, so you’ll know these beaches offer the very best of Puerto Rico. Europe has vast number of beaches for the tourist.

Playa Flamingo, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Golden sand beaches, gray sand beaches, black sand beaches, and pink sand beaches can be found dotted all along Costa Rica’s lush coastal plains, making this country a truly spectacular beach destination. On the east side of these islands are white sandy beaches and the clear blue Atlantic Ocean. On the west side are brackish water Sounds stretching as far as the eye can see in places so it appears that you are surrounded by water except for the narrow stretch of land you are on.