Nisargadhama Park in Coorg

Nisargadhama Park

An island fashioned by the river Kaveri close to Kaushalnagar in Coorg, Nisargadhama park is a sixty four acre picnic spot that is establishment since 1989. It not solely presents its numerous scenic views but in addition includes the journey of being amongst varied wild animals.

nisargadhamaWith the thick protection of bamboos, teak and sandalwood forests the island might be thought-about as a micro-paradise for these in search of refuge from the bustling metropolis life. There are multiples points of interest right here the place one can go to together with his household and is a delight for the children in the home.

The locations embody a Deer ParkOrchardarium, a kids’s playground and varied spots that supply boat rides and Elephant rides; you may as well indulge your self in bathing the elephants. It additionally has a visitor home that’s run by the forest division and multiples tree high bamboo cottages.

Nisargadhama park: A Attractive Location

Nisargadhama is a peaceful and relaxing isle established by the Stream Cauvery in the Condition of Karnataka. Karnataka is covered with the European Ghats which is a source of many waterways streaming through the Condition.

It has location near Kushalnagar in the Kogadu region of Karnataka. It is well famous for its natural appeal and relaxing environment. Nisargadhama is a 64 acre isle enclosed by lavish plants on all ends.

You need to cross a adhering link in order to reach maui. It has location at about 25 kms from Madikeri and 2 kms from Kushalnagar and includes lavish leaves of bamboo bedding plants, sandalwood plants and bamboo bedding groves. It is a popular have a eat outside spot and is in good shape by the bamboo.

How to reach Nisargadhama Park 

By Air

The closest international airport is Mangalore. From there one needs traveling via way the way


The closest practice place is Kushalnagar. After getting down at the place, one needs to acquire taxis or rickshaw to get to the drops.

By Road

Nisargadhama is ideally linked with streets as well. The drops can be found at a range of 270 kms from Bangalore, 2 kms from Kushalnagar and 25 kms from Madikeri.

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