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The importance of India Gate

The India Gate is a memorial that has great historical importance. This memorial was planned by the architect Sir Edwin Lutyen and is a portal that is 42 meters high. He also established the plan of New Delhi. Duke of Connaught was the person who set the cornerstone of this historic monument. In the month of February 1921 India’s port construction was completed. India Gate today is considered one of the most famous picnic spot among the other tourist places of Delhi by tourists and residents of Delhi. India Gate is also popular with another name “All India War Memorial” was erected in New Delhi in memory and honor of 90,000 soldiers who died were in the world 1. War and 3rd Anglo Afghan War.

india-gate-in-nightThere is a regular burning flame named ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ to be immortal warrior flame burning continuously and is under Indian Gate since 1971. This goal of this flame is reminded of the brave soldiers victims who lost their lives to protect their nation. locals in New Delhi India Gate is considered as per the site of New Delhi, where they can get relaxed on summer evenings. It is also famous picnic spot for people during winters too. This popular monument is located in the core heart of New Delhi, which can be easily accessed by tourists and people. india Gate is located at the east end of Janpath and thus continues to Rashtrapati Bhawan. huge variety of enjoyment offered by India Gate. can spend your entire day by watching the performance of monkeys, camel riding, enjoying the balloons and watch soap bubbles blowing in the lawns of India Gate etc. evening while India Gate gets crowded by locals as and tourists. A number of mobile vendors and hawkers are moving through Gate India. A variety of snacks are available with these hawkers and vendors as different fast food, “bhelpuri ‘,’ fruit chaat, pakodas of Dal ‘Chana Jor garam other carbonated beverages etc.

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