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Best time to visit horsley hills Andhra Pradesh

A single could possibly wonder that what in the entire globe individuals in Horsley hill Place that they could not avoid the desire to caress the relaxing greyish of atmosphere and green of plants with their sight. However, exactly this and more reasons are the attract, like the charming atmosphere observed while strolling over large stones under the cover of fog clinging over the hills and the area.

Tourists who have found their first really like in these hills encounter confused to contact it ‘Andhra Ooty’ adoringly. Get involved in Horsley Hills journey and leisure and really discover the levels to which this headline matches these mountains. The encounter and decision to understand more about the area sets on the shoulder area of the visitors not hesitant to drop to more recent locations in the interest of change.

Located in Chittoor area, the situation is at 1,265 m from sea level known as after W. D. Horsley- an English official see the position during 1840-43 of English rule. Captured in the appeal of the misty-foggy veggies, he decide to create his property here (which is now summer property of Governor of Andhra Pradesh) and thus the position got the name by which it is known today.

horsley hills

Tourism Attractions

Think about the loud sea coast of the seaside line that Andhra is extremely pleased of. These hills do not contact for attention as does the sea but the quiet is the best indication of identification beginning to show around 165 Km away from Bangalore. Bow head in a Temple with outstanding tale and encounter attaining rapture in the relaxing locations on Horsley Hills journey.


Mallamma Temple : The Temple is constructed honoring a lady known as Mallamma who was considered to be seen and developed by monsters. She recovered residents as she increased up but later vanished without any indication of lifestyle left behind. She was then approved as a goddess and this Temple became the statement of her once recognized lifestyle. Yenugu Mallamma Konda was the former name of Horsley Hills before being found by Mr Horsley.

Shiva Temple : Consult anybody here and he would be able recommend toward the pious spot that is never skipped by those consistently prepared and already half motivated by Characteristics.

Nature’s Lure

Koundinya Wildlife SanctuaryKoundinya Wildlife Sanctuary Situated at Palamaner some 87 Km away from Horsley Hills that act as the place to start for the sanctuary which also is an hippo source, the position is full of flexibility that is linked to breathtaking Characteristics.

Thimmamma Marrimaanu The location is recognized for the existence of the Banyan plants in large numbers that are stated to be biggest in the entire globe in this area only.

Lake Gangotri and Mansarovar There are stars that say these ponds never dry up.

Highview Seeing Point Maximum view section of the area is this from where everything seems bogged down down. Dropping sun is wonderful from this area as it seems to be going down in the area.

Galibanda A high cliff mountain is known to demonstrate wonderful landscapes of ravines. Move through the Characteristics as you think that and encounter the breeze squalls for which it is also generally known as Wind Stone.

Kalyani Tree The tree is known for being placed in 1859 by W H Horsley from whom the name of this hill city is obtained as well. The size has won the tree Maha Vriksha Prize.


Environmental Park – Came in to lifestyle by the initiatives of an environmentalist known as Balijepalli Venkata Subba Rao from Hyderabad. With a art gallery for in detail details, enjoy a moment cherishing being in state of hypnosi

Rishi Valley School – Though a college, it has become a position that visitors like to see, mostly because of the planet it is in.

Places around Horsley Hills

These hills  are quite small for those who are planning some long journey in comfort. Thus, following are the options in case one is open to flexible encounters and not just awesome enticement of hills of southern.

Horsley HillsMadannapalle – This is the nearest city to these hills and has all those stuff that are required by the visitors once they are on the levels. Thus, going to this city is more or less absolutely essential that one hardly ever remorse, even if mixed in Horsley Hills journey program.

Chittoor – Horsley hills are an important section of the same area as is this city. Tourists often go to two together.

Tirupati – Better known for Hindu pilgrimage, this position has visitors and spends loading in from all sides of Indian as well as globe.

Bangalore – Just few miles journey can add to the encounter of going to southern by manifolds.s.

Things to do

Striving biceps and triceps in sports like zorbing could be done here without thinking twice. Moving down loaded in a baseball could be something only few would want to do in the interest of enjoyment. Being those few can give lots of added encounter on these mountains. Hiking is done anytime; just select the way to be stepped and discover the lines that have been noticeable by those who stepped the same direction before. While doing this, failing to remember to treasure the salubrious environment and eye-appealing landscapes is a sin. Rappelling is another fun activity- going up and coming down on string secured with security gives experience without becoming senseless.

Hotel Information

Hotels in Horsley hills are on a the guesthouse by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Growth Organization Restricted (APTDC) which is known as APTDC Haritha Hotel. Woodlands Guests homes, Chittoor Supportive Community guesthouse and Governor’s Bungalow are some of the locations where sluggish evenings and effective days could be invested without concerning for anything during Horsley hills vacations.


Cold winter seasons that become chilly at evenings and enjoyable summertime are the signature of the position making it enjoyable at all times of the season. From Goal to May the conditions between 20° to 30° C. Monsoons tend to be large sustain a level chilly heat range. Winters, on the other arms are between 12° to 25°C which makes months from Dec to Jan a good a chance to create a vacation.

Best Time to Visit

With that, many individuals consider, and appropriately so that monsoons can come across as problems unless there is a special preference to it. Summers stay the favourite of the regular holidayers. And winter seasons also do not lag behind but have only one problem with audience during Xmas and New Year.

How to Reach

Air – Visitors choosing flight can come either to airport terminal at Tirupati or at Bangalore which are at range of 160 and 165 Km respectively from Horsey Hills for which cabs could be utilized.

Rail – A train station at Madanapalle Street delivers the visitors nearest to the Horsley mountains, only 43 Km from here.

Road – Out of various tracks to Horsley Hills from Bangalore, one can select based upon upon the traffic, feelings of climate, etc, especially in own automobiles. All of these tracks unintentionally bring to Madanapalle.

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