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8 Best Islands of Thailand

For many of us, Thailand is always there on the holiday wish list. With the bundle of islands, with crystal blue lagoons and beaches, Thailand tops the list of tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. This place offers magnificent beauty with plains and jungle terrain too. With so much to explore over there, make sure you do not miss a single place. Here is the list of popular Islands in Thailand. Now start your journey.

8 Best and Popular Islands of Thailand

1. Koh Tao 

Tourist always flocking, Koh Tao still glows with its natural beauty, on land, and under waves as well. You can experience world class diving and snorkeling here.

2. Koh Samui 

This is Thailand’s second largest island. You want to have luxury stay, here you will get it. Enjoy your stay with best spas and private resorts. It has one of the exotic beaches- Taling Ngam with the tropical jungle of Khao Pom. This Island is best for party lovers as here you can dance full night in beach parties.

3. Koh Pha Ngan

Stay to this island to explore the isolated beaches and panoramic treks. Take trekking path from Thong Nai Pan to Bottle Beach, it is not accessible through boats. If you want to have best Thai food, throng to Thong Sala. It is one of the best night food markets. is is the main town of this Island.

4. Koh Phi Phi

It is a well known and most loved island of Thailand. Explore everything over here, especially kayaking and snorkelling. Apart from lagoons and water, coming to surface land, go to Sunflower Beach Bar. The attraction to this place is the construction. This place has the used year 2004, Tsunami ruined big boats washed up along the coast. Visit the ‘Viewpoint’ for a spellbound high altitude view of Phi Phi.

5. Phuket

On this Island Patong and Kata having white sand has become a popular hub for tourists. The list is not over, visit the Phuket town to see the old Chinese heritage architecture. If you want to have isolation from the crowd, hire a boat to see coral waters and almost hidden coastline of Koh Rang Yai and Koh Hae.

6.Koh Lanta

It has become a hot destination in a very short span. Beautiful place for wildlife lovers, the coastline has many National Parks. Mu Ko Lanta is one of them. Natural beauty is in plenty, enjoy the Mangroves. Add more excitement by having a boat trip to Koh Rok Nok.

7. Koh Chang

For solo travellers, this Island is the best host. Visit the Lonely Beach, full of life. There is a small town, you can spend your day here, interact to the friendly localities. They will become your friendly guide.

8.Koh Samet

Tired of parties, come to Koh Samet, offering peace and calmness. Hat Sai Kaow and Ao Phai are famous beaches of this island. A National Park is there since 1981, where you can visit paying an entry fee.

According to your area of interests, travel to these Islands. Explore as much as you can.

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