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A Travel Guide For Every Traveler To Sundarban Tour

Planning to visit a wildlife park this year? What if you get a chance see a blend of beauty and wildlife all together? Yes, if you want to see the fusion of beauty and wildlife, then you must visit Sundarban that depicts beauty as well as wildlife in a splendid form. Sundarban is considered to have the largest mangrove forest in the world, whose one part falls in India and the other part is in Bangladesh. Also, Sundarban Park comes under UNESCO World heritage sites. It is popular for the largest number of Royal Bengal tigers. You may find a wide range of variety of wildlife in this park like leopards, crocodiles, cobras, and different species of birds, reptiles, and tigers, etc. So, make your Sundarban tour memorable with this travel guide.

 When should you plan your Sundarban Travel?

Avoid going to Sundarban Park during summers as it’s very hot and humid during summers. So, don’t plan to go to Sundarban during the summer season. Also, don’t plan to go to Sundarban park during rainy seasons as the route might be risky due to muddy roads. Winter season is the best season to visit Sundarban park, so always plan your trip to Sundarban in winters only.

The WBTDC( West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation) is planning to start houseboats in Sundarban to enhance the traveling experience of tourists. The CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has been putting stress to improve tourism infrastructure in the whole state. So, get to make your Sundarban travel more enchanting.

How to visit Sundarban Park?

Sundarban is around at distance of 130km from the Kolkata city. If you want to come from train to Sundarban from Kolkata, then nearest railway station for you will be Canning and the closest town is Gosaba. It takes approximately 2 hours from Kolkata to Canning if you come by train. The actual entrance to come to Sundarban is Sajnekhali. You can either take a boat or come by road to Sajnekhali. Your travelling can become easy if you book Sundarban package tour from Sundarban Tours.

What to explore during Sundarban Tour?

  1. Birds:

You may find plenty of species of birds here. Sundarban is home to nine variety of kingfishers, masked finfoot, shorebirds, leafbirds, bulbuls, etc.

  1. Trees:

As Sundarban forest is the largest mangrove forest in the world, so you may get to see beautiful trees with unique features.

  • Riverine life:

There are many people who live in a village along the river side and earn their living around river only from fishing and gathering products from forests like honey and nypa palm leaves.

  1. Crocodiles:

It is hard to see crocodiles nowadays, but you can find small and large crocodiles as well in Sundarban riverbanks.

  1. Mind blowing scenery:

Sundarban is eloquently beautiful and marvelous.

So are you ready to lose yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Sundarban park? If yes, then book Sundarban Package tour now from Sundarban tours that can enhance your Sundarban travel more convenient and joyful. Leave all your accommodation related and food related worries to Sundarban tours.

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