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Top 10 Forts Of India

Indian History is more than just a series of events in the past-it is the journey of valor, integrity, values and of greatness. The forts in India are the eternal reminder of grandeur and royalty of generations of kings and queens who controlled kingdoms from within the unbreakable of these forts. The tide of time has tried hard to wash them out but most of them still stand tall with honor even as ruins. Here are the best of Indian forts that still echo the melodies of chivalry, deceit politics and loyalty:

The symbol of Indian Democracy-Red Fort

Sitting in the heart of India-Delhi the Red fort is a tough and sculpted monument which is cherished not only for its glory but also as an icon of Indian sovereignty. The importance of this fort in Indian democracy is appraised by the fact that the Prime Minister raises the Indian Flag and addresses the nation from this fort. The fort built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahaan is built entirely of red sandstone. The magnificent red citadel perfectly displays Indian pride and glory days.

The crown of Rajasthan-Amber Fort

Build along the steep incline of Aravali Hills the Amber Fort of Jaipur sits on the top as the crown jewel. Raja Man Singh builds this architectural marvel along the silence of water of Maota Lake. The fort perfectly blends the artistic beauty of all three ruling kingdoms of India-Rajput, Hindu and Mughals. The interior of the fort is a grand presentation of marble, glass, wood and metal carvings. The majesty of this castle like fort is truly unmatched.

The Royal Palace-Jaisalmer Fort

The Fort of Jaisalmer resembles and embodies the Arabian Night fables, standing at the peak of a cliff. The fort is a big palace built of yellow sandstone which shimmers like gold among the backdrop on Jaisalmer sands like a crown. lt is one of the largest forts in the world with a beautiful Jain Temple inside.

The wonder of Architecture-Agra Fort

The neighbor of Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort is probably not as famous as the former but is surely equally magnificent. Another icon of Mughal dynasty built by Emperor Shah Jahaan, the fort also sheltered the king in his last days in a small prison cell which overlooked Taj Mahal. The red citadel of the fort welcomes you into an arena of beautifully manicured lawns and royal chambers.

Pride of Rajputana-The Chittaurgarh Fort

The living testimony of the brave race of warriors-Rajputana, the fort is one of the biggest forts in India. Once this marvel had 84 water bodies in its grand premises out which 22 have survived. The best time to visit the fort is during the “Jauhar Mela” which is a Rajput festival. The fort has a majestic view of Berach River.

Golden line in history-The Gwalior Fort

Babur, the Mughal emperor described this fort as, the pearl in the necklace of the forts of Hind (India)”.The alluring splendidness of this fort is established by the fact that a postal stamp of this fort has been issued. The fort is decorated by beautiful blue artworks along the backdrop of golden sandstone of the outer walls. The fort also has the first ever recorded use of zero in human history.

The Honor of Kalkatiya Kings-Golconda Fort

Famous for its military architecture, the Golconda Fort is mines of magnificent diamonds. Although the fort is intact, it is located in the district of Golconda once famous for damaged at places its imposing grand structure is still.

Crown of the valley-The Kangra Fort

The royal family on Kangra certainly marked its name i as a symbol of their glory. lt is one of the oldest forts in the confluent waters of Manjhi and Banganga rivers. Built on the top of a cliff the fort overlooks

Fort of the Blue city-Mehrangarh Fort

Rising 400 meters above the city of Jodhpur, this fort is more than 500 years old. The interior of the fort is lined with brilliantly decorated and crafted palaces like Sheesha Mehel; Moti Mehel etc. lt has one of the best museums in Rajasthan

The symbol of the great queen-Jhansi Fort

The majestically brilliant fort of Jhansi speaks the story of one of the most courageous and celebrated queen of India-Jhansi Ki Rani. The fort is an architectural beauty sitting on the Bangra Hill.

These Forts are more than historical monuments; they are the symbol of wealth and affluence of India and great expanses of the country. Visit these forts today!

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Macey Santo is a passionate blogger from UK. She writes for a leading travel magazine. She is currently working on Turkey visa. India has always fascinated her and she wrote extensively about India in her blogs.

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Macey Santo

Macey Santo is a passionate blogger from UK. She writes for a leading travel magazine. She is currently working on Bahrain visa. India has always fascinated her and she wrote extensively about India in her blogs.

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