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The Best Perfect Time to Visit Munnar


Munnar is the ultimate vacation spot for tour fanatics, honeymooners, adventurists and amusement seekers. This hill station is easily one of the satisfactory and most visited in the complete u . s . a ., and people flock to it from all over world – at all times of the 12 months.

however to enjoy the vacation spot in its full grandeur, you need to be privy to the exceptional time to visit Munnar. fortuitously, Munnar with its best climate has traffic during the 12 months, however you may assume it to have greater traffic at some stage in the height seasons.

during the colonial instances, hill stations pleased the British, and that they flocked to all of the hill stations in India to installation base and rule the united states for the duration of the recent summer season months. In Munnar, they converted forests in the Western Ghats into iridescent tea plantations, constructed big motels and actually transformed the hill station into the tourism vacation spot that it’s far now.

The exceptional time to go to Munnar might be for the duration of August to may season. As Munnar is located at a height of above 1600 meters above sea-level, it’s far no marvel that this hill station draws people from all around the global at some point of the complete 12 months.

Munnar all through the August to can also season – The fine time


As stated earlier, this is technically the fine time to go to Munnar. The monsoon season might have simply completed casting its spell and could be retreating, leaving the whole hill station in colorful extravagance. when you drive to Munnar (from Cochin preferably), you may see a proliferation of cascading waterfalls alongside the way. Freeze those reminiscences for all time by means of maintaining your point and shoot in energetic mode. There will be an occasional bathe in the course of the August and September months, but that could simplest upload to the magical, mystical charm of the hill station.

towards December and till the cease of January, you’ve got the winter season – the coldest months of the 12 months. The temperatures in Munnar will plunge all the way down to beneath 0 and you will have to convey heavy woolen, scarves and mittens to guard your self from the bloodless. The higher you live at Munnar (probably in a motel or resort) the colder it’ll get and for this reason, you ought to be prepared for the bone chilling cold.

The biting bloodless encourages traffic to take pleasure in sports that could carry in some warmth to their bodies – mountaineering, hiking and rappelling. make sure you have got the important accessories even as you challenge forth to check out nature’s bounties.

Munnar all through the may also to June season – a good time


people flock to the tantalizing charm of Munnar to get away the new summer time months. you’ll discover plenty of locals with their children for the duration of this season. in case you experience cold during the evenings and early mornings, you could wear a light sweater. although these months are a prelude to the wet season, you could nonetheless enjoy sloshing waterfalls and sparkling streams. The flower gardens also are in their charming blooming glory and would be best in pictures.

Munnar all through the rainy season – also an awesome time


people may say that the wet season is not exactly the pleasant time to go to Munnar, however if you like the rain and the scent of “freshness”, then head there for a short experience in the course of the rainy season. Munnar glimmers and shimmers for the duration of the wet season. It acts like a shy bride, but simplest to lure you to challenge forth and explore its proper splendor from within.

As clouds begin shedding their bounties in buckets, you’ve got nature in its awesome greenery and colourful hues, all decked up and bursting with pleasure to greet its site visitors. The purity of the hills could beckon you to take ideal photogenic photographs and when you have a partner, allow him/her body all of the pictures with you inside the historical past (and vice versa, of path) in a picturesque series.

whilst you venture out after a bathing spell, you can see magic on the leaves and flora; the rain has left its mark and has made the environment extraordinarily lovely. although technically, it’s miles an low season time, a imaginative and prescient of Munnar at some point of the wet days is a reminiscence you may cherish for lifestyles!

munnar flower show

The cause why the majority prefer to cross at some stage in the summer and winter months is that they can take pleasure in adventurous activities and sightseeing expeditions in the ones months. this can now and again be not realistic in the wet season as you may need to be prepared with umbrellas and raincoats for heavy showers.

just as the maximum terrifi rose in the global has sour sharp thorns of fact, you have to be aware of certain things when you visit Munnar during the wet season. And this is the leeches. sure, come rain and you’ve those little reputedly harmless jelly-like matters residing on grassy regions and bushy ground.

They would just latch on on your skin for pricey existence and begin sucking your blood. after they have had sufficient of your blood they could fall off, but protect your self via wearing salt with you. you could additionally splash your feet and footwear with saltwater before you challenge out. As leeches hate salt, they may go away you by myself.

Important thing

It in reality doesn’t depend which season you’re planning your visit. Munnar, with its maximum tea plantations, enchanting waterfalls, fascinating terrain performs the precise host to its site visitors whenever. however, in case you are searching out a quiet excursion, you could ought to visit it low season.

In brief, all the seasons in Munnar have their own mesmeric spell – lovable, cuddly summer season months, snuggly, curled up iciness months, and huddled, bundled up rainy months!

be sure to include Munnar to your itinerary for the duration of your subsequent trip to Kerala. It’s an experience you’ll cherish for a life-time!

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