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10 Best Romantic Places in Dubai

New Year festivities haven’t yet died down and the buzz around Valentine’s Day has already begun. Surprise your partner with an unforgettable trip to Dubai – a city full of exciting options for star crossed lovers! Dubai has extended beyond its business hub image and is now a global hub for almost anything under the sun.

This Valentine’s Day 2016, visit Dubai with your partner and make your day of love a celebration of sorts. Golden deserts, pristine beaches, breathtaking architecture and a lot more make for a dramatic backdrop as your love story unfolds in Dubai. Fall in love all over again with our collection of 10 Best Romantic Places in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise

1. Go on a Dhow Cruise

The Dhow cruise in Dubai is something straight out of a Mills & Boon novella. The Dhow is a traditional wooden boat adorned with Arabian architecture and décor. As the dhow glides you along the placid waters of the Dubai creek, enjoy a scrumptious dinner, sit back for Tanoura dance performances and watch the city lights playing hide and seek on the surface of the creek. You can also choose to spend hours enjoying the cool night smoking the sheesha. While on your cruise, indulge in your favourite drinks and barbeques.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Hot Air Balloon ride is a novel experience and is perfect to woo your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Whisper sweet nothings in to your loved one’s ears as you soar high above the city’s skyscrapers and the golden deserts. While on the ride, you could also spot the desert’s wildlife – gazelles, oryx, the delusive sand fox and wild camels. If you are lucky enough, you might be accompanied by the occasional shy desert eagle. Dubai has some professional services operating the balloon rides and hence safety is well taken care of. Take the romance quotient of the trip a notch higher by taking an early morning ride to witness the glorious orange of the rising sun in the skies all around you.

3. Night Desert Safari

The overnight Desert Safari in Dubai is everything a couple-in-love could ask for. Stretch out in the warm glow of your camp fire with your partner under the vast expanse of a starry sky. Belly dancing, dune bashing, camel ride, fresh barbeques, romantic sunsets and a buffet dinner in the cold desert make your safari a very enjoyable one. Safaris begin well before sunset and continue after sunrise. Sand boarding is also a popular activity on overnight desert safaris. You could also get your hands adorned by lovely henna painting artists.

4. A day on the Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah is the right spot if your partner is an outdoor person and loves beaches. Your day can begin early in the morning with a refreshing jog on the reinforced jogging path of the beach. You could also choose the elliptical cycles on the beach for a light morning workout. The beach is complete with showering areas and clean facilities. There are also a number of cafes and restaurants with a beautiful view of the coast. These cafes serve delicious food of almost every cuisine from around the world. The coast is lined with extravagant malls, gaming arenas and shopping centers. Para sailing, deep sea diving, water bikes, kayaking and snorkeling will ensure a happy day for your adventure loving partner. JBR also has indoor and outdoor movie theatres to keep you entertained. Don’t forget the popcorn!

5. Go on a cruise

The Dubai cruise is unlike any other cruise around the world. Cruises in Dubai are laden with luxury, adventure and activities for the two of you. Jogging tracks, indoor gaming arenas, surf stimulators, rock climbing, and zip lines are just some of the luxuries offered by these liners. Some cruises also let you go island hopping – travellers can hop off to explore the tiny islands dotting the sea and come onboard after they’re done. Alternatively, you could also take guided fishing tours or charter yachts for a few days.

6. Water Parks

Pamper the child in your partner on a trip to the Wild Wadi Water Park. Wild Wadi has 30 exhilarating rides and it boasts of some of the biggest water slides in the world. Crazy water slides and adrenaline pumping rides could make for an entire day of fun and love. Treat your beloved to delicious food at the three restaurants within the park.

7. Dubai Garden Centre

The Dubai Garden Centre is a lush green scenic park packed with cool trees, bushes, beautiful flowers and plants. The garden is like a little forest dotted with life-like toy animals. A pretty bridge stretches across two ends of a toy crocodile infested pond. You and your loved one could also go check out the aquarium filled with tropical fish. The park has a European flavor gently infused into its architecture. You can also enjoy breakfast and fresh juices from the cafes within the centre.

8. Shopping

If good food is the way to a man’s heart, then shopping is the way to a woman’s heart! Watch your lady love go crazy over the shopping deals in Dubai. The city has huge malls to interest you. The Bur Dubai Souk has an exotic collection of fabrics. The Deira gold souk has a sea of gold ornaments, bars and coins at very affordable prices. Al Fahidi Street offers a range of electronic goods at cheap rates. The Global Village has a collection of goodies from all around the world under a single umbrella.

9. Barasti Beach – Night life

The Barasti beach – a property of Le Meridien beach resort – is a hip night destination in Dubai. Exciting music, mouth-watering food, delicious drinks and a five star experience await you at the Barasti beach. This beach draws the elitist society of Dubai and promises to be a fun night out.

10. The historic Al Fahidi district

Rustic homes, buildings and flea markets at the Al Fahidi district form a beautiful setting for your love story to unfold. It has some of the oldest residential areas of the Dubai city and is well preserved. Lose track of time as you walk hand-in-hand through narrow lanes, rustic mud coloured homes and wind catchers. Grab a quick bite at the many cafes lining the streets.

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