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Top Ten Must See Destinations In Nepal

Nepal is one of the most alluring parts of the world which can provide you a mix of all kinds of elements in your vacation. Are you looking for nature, adventure, culture, cuisine, entertainment, sightseeing or relaxing vacation? No matter what your idea of vacation is, Nepal is the best place. Here are the top ten places that you ought to visit in Nepal.

Everest base camp

No wonder this is in the top of the list. This is the maximum that any tourist who has no intention to climb the peak can get near to the Everest. Not all can climb Everest. But, trekking to this camp would give you an experience of lifetime. There are a lot of trekking path that would lead you to this base camp. This camp is located about 5000m above the sea level. This is also the place where climbers rest before the big day. You can find a lot of places for accommodation in Nepal tour packages.

Some might experience altitude sickness in reaching this camp too. There is no much attraction in this area other than the satisfaction of reaching the foot of the Everest peak. You can take any trekking road that would take you to the nearby village. Trek through Rhododendron forest to reach Sherpa Land. Some take flight to Lukla for some experience.


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. You can find a lot of attractions in this place. Starting from old streets to marvelling architectures, this place is a tourist magnet in Nepal. You ought to visit this city which is about 4,600 feet above sea level. There are a lot of trekking trails available in this area. If you are not into adventurous vacation, you can enjoy a relaxed vacation from any roof-top terrace while you enjoy the nature and other elements. Do not forget to enjoy the cuisine of the lang.

Top attractions are Royal Palace, historic temples in Durbar Square, historic gardens and many others.

Phewa Lake

This lake is about 15 minutes away from Kathmandu. This is one of the most alluring lakes in Himalayan region. This lake is surrounded by forests making it the perfect spot for picnic and camping. Boating is usually not allowed in this lake. The backdrop of this river, the mighty snow capped mountains would be reflected into the lake making the place really magical.

Other important lakes in Nepal are Tilicho Lake, Rara Lake, five lakes of Panch Pokhari, Gosaikunda Lake and others. Not all lakes are just water bodies surrounded by snow and ice. You can find different types of lakes in this region starting from clean lake to lakes running through grasslands.

Chitwan National Park

How do you like to ride on an elephant while you spot various other animals in a dense marshland? Chitwan is a marshland that is filled with exotic collection of wildlife. You can find various rare animal species like leopard, Bengal tiger, sloth bear, monkey, rhino, deers and many others. You can also find some rare reptiles here. If you are lucky you can find some uncommon animals too. It is always better to visit this place during summer as this is the time when animals come out of their hiding spots for food and water.


Do you know that Buddha was born in Nepal? He was born in Lumbini and his birth place is today an important tourist destination. This monastery is a beautiful architectural marvel which stands as a pilgrim spot today for many. It is a very large monastery that would take about two days for you to explore. There are a lot of temples, sightseeing spots and other elements in this monastery. If you are looking for some cultural element in your vacation, this is a must visit place.


Gokya Lake is a mesmerizing and alluring lake that is found in the backdrop of Mt. Everest. You can find this seductive lake as you travel towards the Mt Everest. This is the best spot for trekkers. The atmosphere is very enchanting and relaxing. The deep blue water with snow capped mountains in the background would relax you in an instant. You can also have breath taking views of the Everest from here. You can find many camping spots near the river. If you are trekking, try the Sherpa Heartland which is an important tourist attraction. Gokya Lake hiking is an interesting and less rough path that can be tracked by first time hikers too.


If you enter Bhaktapur, you would find a lot of brown coloured buildings. This is a well preserved ancient city. Today, this city stands as a place where you can enjoy the art and culture of Nepal. This city is located in the east of Kathmandu. You can find masterpieces of wood carving works here. There are a lot of temples and sightseeing spots here. But, people usually visit this place for buying wood carving pieces. You can also find artists working if you are lucky. You can also watch the snow capped mountains from this city.


Langtang is a nature’s masterpiece and picturesque place in Nepal. It is very common among trekkers. Langtang trail is one of the world famous trekking trails in the world. It is a trail with combines both mountain and forest backdrops. This trekking trail can also be covered by bus which takes about 8 hours to complete. The trekking period can range from 6 to 16 days. You would come across wonderful streams of river, food centres, marvellous backdrops, Everest background and many others. This trekking is of high difficulty level and should be taken up by experts or masters in trekking. If you still want to enjoy the trip, choose the bus trip through this trail.

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