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Top 14 incredible attraction and Things to Do in Odisha

Appropriately known as the Goa of the Eastern, Odisha is a place like no other. Yes, we all know that characteristics hasn’t been kind to this southern condition but Odisha never stopped to deal with the problem, it never lost its trust and soul. Perhaps Master Jagganath’s resources delights have given the Oriya individuals wish to keep working at it and bravery to carry out their preferred way of life.

Not fresh by modernity, situations has bridged the holes between its past and present by keeping its customs and way of life in existence. From its wonderful Odissi dancing to the beautiful Talapattachitra, from the spectacular rock-cut caverns to the breathtaking Chandipur seaside and from the holy residence of lord Jagannath to the Nandankanan Zoo, it is unlikely to see a place that succeed so well with paradoxes. Here are some of the things that you must notice and experience in order to see the actual Odisha.

Marvel at the Exquisite Art and Architecture of the Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves

Udaygiri Caves Odisha

Photo: Rajkumar Seal

Somewhat normal and partly man-made, the Udaygiri and Khandagiri caverns are the milestone in Odisha. However, Operating out of Bhubhaneshwar, these ancient caverns are ornately designed as to please your eyes of the viewers. Udaygiri has a team of 15 caverns while Khandagiri is an 18 caverns complex. Also, The caverns are popular for its outstanding statues and reliefs and Brahmi identities.

Lose Yourself to Divinity at Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple

This Thirteenth millennium Temple has been recommended globally for its wonderful architecture and complicated styles. Devoted to Sun God, most of the areas of this Temple now depends on remains but is still worth paying a trip. Offering of Kalinga architecture and sexual statues of Maithunas this Temple captivates record fans and someone who loves photography.

Take a Stroll Along the Beach of Peaceful Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach

Photo: Mike Prince

At ten or twenty yards from Konark Sun Temple is the breathtaking Chandrabhaga Beach. The seaside has religious significance as a seven-day reasonable in honor of Sun God. Enthusiasts from all areas come here to take a dip during the reasonable. Apart from the reasonable, the seaside is a pleasant identify for a be at with loved ones. Witness wonderful sundown and take a stroll along the shore to best enjoy your persistence here.

Seek the Blessing from the God of Gods at Jagganath Temple

Jagganath Temple

Photo: Zvakanaka

Now, Odisha has got its popularity noticeable by this huge Hindu Temple. One of the four holy locations for Hindu devotees, Jagganath Temple needs no release. Although a non-Hindu is banned from coming into the forehead, it is a genuine pleasure to get the merely get the field of this holy location from outside as well.

Go Bird Watching at Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake

Photo: Supratim Ghatak

Chilika Lake is another essential identification of Odisha. This brackish water lagoon prolonged in a space of 1100 sq km in Puri, Khurda and Ganjam regions is probably the biggest seaside lagoon in indian. Also, The stream is an atmosphere with a massive fishery source. One if fortunate has the opportunity to determine whales here as well. Those who love bird watching, Chilika Lake could be the number 1 place to see in Odisha. The best position also creates an excellent background for some stunning images.

Get Surprised by the Structure in Bhubaneshwar


Photo: Oricab

Famous for the ‘City of Temples’, Bhubnaseshwar has a record that goes returning to 2000 years. For the pleasure of record fans, Bhubaneshwar offers a wonderful image decorated with delicately designed wats or temples. Nowadays, what we see is a major town that has an ideal combination of architecture from different times. It indeed delivers out the wealthy color of indian way of life and creates for the number 1 place to understand brilliant record of Odisha. Amongst the must see locations in Bhubaneshwar are Lingaraja Temple, Nandankanan Zoological park, Raja Rani Temple, Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves.

Explore Rural Odisha at Raghurajpur

Raghurajpur Odisha

Raghurajpur is the best location to understand the rural way of life of Odisha. No where can you see such a excellent collection of paintings. The town has an innovative atmosphere that displays the variety of Oriya way of life. Moreover, It is a good system to get familiar with the lifestyles of rural individuals and their excellent art way of life famous for Pattachitra. Also, Art things like hand foliage identities, stone and timber styles, papier mache, sodhai perform, painting paintings, timber made and cow dung toys and games, filigree, applique, clay are all created and happily shown here.

Shop for Oriya Craft at Pipli


Photo: Saurabh Chatterjee

Popular for appliqué execute, Pipli in Odisha reveals its gates for visitors to see the innovative side of Oriya individuals. Moreover, The craft includes sewing and embroidering small items of shaded fabric with blossoms, creatures, town field and conventional styles on to a larger platform fabric. At Pipli you can store for attractive Garden Umbrellas, Purses, Walls Clinging, lampshades, Pockets and Purses.

Witness the Widlife Diversity of Odisha at Nandankan Zoological Park

Nandankanan Zoo

Vast around 400 hectare of place, Nandankan Zoological Park is an apt position in Odisha to take your kids to. Operating out of Bhubaneshwar, this zoological park is set among Chandaka woodlands and has a wonderful lake fomous for Kanjia. Additionally, The park is a house of about 166 varieties of creatures such as White Lions. It also operates an Follow an Creature venture under which an individual can attract meals and other necessary products for any animal of their choice neighborhood. It is a fascinating identify for a educate your young ones the value of wild creatures preservation.

Watch the Sun Go Down in Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach

Photo: Asish Mohanty

Placed at the coast of Bay of Bengal, Chandipur Beach in Odisha is famous for its 1 to 4km great increasing tides. The beach has location about 16kms from Baleswar Train Place in Balasore region. Apart from its awesome great trend increase, Chandipur seaside is famous for its wonderful sundown perspective. A breathtaking seaside, it creates the best have a eat outside identify and a loving vacation for many.

Marvel at the Diverse Wildlife of Simlipal National Park

Simlipal National Park

Photo: Arnab Bhattacharya

Simlipal National Park shows the wealthy variety of wild creatures in Odisha. Located at in the Mayurbhanj region, Simlipal is a popular hippo source. The national park also homes some very pretty falls like Barehipani and Joranda. An fascinating position, Simlipal can be experienced by both grownups and kids. Like Nandankanan Zoological Park, location also helps understand the need for wildlife upkeep.

Explore the Tribal Villages to Witness the Backbone of Culture of Odisha

Tribal Village

Photo: Saurabh Chatterjee

Odisha is house to many communities who are farm owners and meals gatherers. These communities despite their hardship have an excellent way of life and customs that include highly developed innovative skills like body paintings, decorations making, weaving and wall paintings. Additionally, Music and dancing are a significant part of these communities who delight at little pleasure they can find. To understand about actual Odisha, it is recommended to take a tribal trip. Also, Bondo, Didayi, Barogadaba, Kondhs and Dongarias are some of famous communities in Odisha.

Meet the King Crocodiles of Bhitar Kanika Wetland

Bhitar Kanika Wetland

A heaven for characteristics fans, Bhitar Kanika Wetland is a major fascination in Odisha. The mangroves increase to a space of about 650 sq km stream delta of the Brahmani and Baitarani waterways. The place to find 55 mangrove varieties, the mangroves harbour a popular of salt water crocodiles. The seaside famous for Gahirmatha that distinguishes Bay of Bengal from the mangroves is the nesting hub for Oliver Ridley Turtles in Native indian. There is nothing so fascinating than to take a vessel drive amongst the complicated mangroves and vision wild creatures.

Pause the Time at Ratnagiri

Mahakali Sunset Ratnagiri

Photo: bit.ly/1SEfNN4

Don’t mix up this Ratnagiri with the one in Maharashtra. This ancient position is popular as a site of Mahavira and a significant Buddhist monastery and has location Brahmani and Birupa stream area in Jajpur region of Odisha. Once, location was famous for an position for relaxation and monastic way of life. Nowadays, one can see most of sites here in a damaged condition but it still generate the religious feel. However, If you are looking a space that is ancient and peaceful then Ratnagiri is ideal. Additionally, There are many ways to see Odisha and these are amongst the few. It takes prolonged vacations and a will to discover this mesmeric place.

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